Schedule and Pricing

Current available times

Mondays at 5:30, 7:30, Tuesdays 3:30 or 4pm, also 5:30 beginning in April,  Wednesdays 4pm or 4:30 and Thursdays at 3:30.

Another change is the payment schedule which is listed below.  The payment is set by when a student begins lessons.  If you start in September you would pay every month what is listed for September.  If you start in October you would pay what is listed for October and so on.  Payment is due at the first lesson for each month.  Payments are for each 25 minute session.  If two sessions are required then it would be the amount times two, three the amount times three, etc. 
Payment is for the month no matter how many lessons are attended. Payment is for the time slot not for the actual lesson given. However I will have make-up lessons available 1-2 times per month on Thursdays, especially during the winter when sicknesses are more common. Each student should be able to use three make-up lessons during the year.  Lessons will be the months of September through May so payment is only due during those months, not during the summer months of June, July and August.
Those who currently have unused prepaid lessons (two students) will have the choice to use the payment as we have in the past with the above conditions and begin the monthly rate when those lessons run out or have payment go toward the monthly rate beginning in September.
Payment schedule for 2014-2015


The calendar follows the basic calendar for the school year but does not take off for snow days, half days,  teachers professional days or other various days.  Holidays and Vacation days are off the same as Midland District Calendar excepting Thanksgiving which has the whole week off.  If you feel the roads are not acceptable for driving due to current afternoon or evening snow/ice a make-up session can be used.
Winter Break  Dec   22- Jan 2  no lessons
Spring Break  March 30- April 3  no lessons