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Tips for purchasing bonsai

Mame (small) - $20*

Shohin (medium) - $80*

Kifu (large) - individually priced*

What are these trees going to do?


*These are average figures

 These are display pictures only, to show you what we carry.  

If you wish, we can set up a page for you to view specific bonsai available for purchase.

These are many bonsai that have passed through our nursery since 2007.

Bonsai 2012

Zelkova from seed
Cedar with a 1 inch trunk 
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple Island
Japanese Maple

Bonsai 2010

Japanese Maple Forest on Slab



Japanese Maple

Thuja on strange Slab


Japanese Maple, Nebari Bonsai Canada Grown

Hinoki Cypress

Japanese Maple, Nebari Bonsai Canada Grown


Shore Pine, Collected off Vancouver Island.

Bonsai for sale 2009

This is a kingsville boxwood on cleaned driftwood.  I will make a few of these in spring.


Always have to have a nice japanese maple around.


Zelkova, done in the classic broom style.


A cascading juniper.


A japanese maple over looking a water tray.


Some 4 year old japanese maples that have been cut back.  They will be cute this year but fantastic little trees in about 3 years.


Some shaped trees, a boxwood and a true cedar.


My own grown "nebari" japanese maples and campestre maples.

Bonsai for sale spring 2008


This is a wired tree.  Note the distinct latyers of foliage (3).  The tree is purple because of the cold!

Boulevard Cypress

This dainty cypress has awesome nebari, if tiny!  The dead wood is similarly cute and balances the foliage crown.

Boulevard Cypress

This much larger cypress is in a columnar style.  It is reddish right now because of the cold location it was in in the winter.  Cypress needles change to a variety of great shades depending on the species!


This potenilla has great ramification - that is one of the parts that takes years!  It also has that interesing and eye catching curve.

This lonicera has both movement, and a strong trunk supported by great nebari.  It is lacking in crown but this will take only a year to fill in.  The lonicera grows very fast!


The rock trose is the most drought resistant plant I have ever met.  And it flowers.


This true cedar has nice nebari!  It also has some serious flow, to the left.


This lonicera is a clump.  It will take a season to even out the crown.  This tree can be kept as a clump or later modified into a sumo style tree by cutting off almost all the extra trunks.


This boxwood has fantastic nebari and a crown.  What more could you want?

Laceleaf Birch

The laceleaf birch looks so much like a weeping willow I keep thinking they are willow insted.  Anyway, radial roots and a naturally weeping growth habit make this plant great!


Bonsai for sale summer 2007

mame rosemary

Rosemary needs full sun.  It also needs protection in winter.

mame heather

Heather needs full sun. 

mame thyme

Thyme needs full sun.  Do not trim plant after mid summer.  This encourages strong branches and young buds to survive winter.

mame hebe

Strange leaves on the hebe.

mame santolina 

There are more shapes and textures to the santolina family then in an english garden.

 shohin boxwood

shohin heather

shohin fuschia

shohin kinicknick

Shohin rosemary


Rosemary Landscape, in a wine box.  note - this is not a care technique, but a display technique.


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