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ne-ba-ri : the network of surface roots which reveals the strength of the tree
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Welcome to The New Year! (Jan 2017)

I'm Mark Paterson and I have had this licensed bonsai business since 2007.  I am president of the Vancouver Island Bonsai Society, a volunteer member of the bonsai gardens at the Horticultural Center of the Pacific and the bonsai in the Greater Victoria Art Gallery.  I lecture at horticultural colleges, elementary and middle schools, for garden clubs and garden centers.

I sell bonsai at 1464 Stroud Rd, my home.   778-678-6263

Please make an appointment with me.

We do three things for you:


2016 Tree Pics available soon

Some of my trees for sale 2013 (video)

Tips for your first purchase

All my trees are grown in Canada, most on Vancouver Island.  My trees have been shipped as far away as Ontario!

We Teach Bonsai! 

Mountain Hemlock collected from Vancouver Island (not by me!).  I bought it at the PNWBC2010 through an auction.  It was a left over from a workshop.  The top 1/4-1/3 was pointing straight up!

Due to the special nature of bonsai, we prefer to do bonsai sales through person to person contact. 

Bonsai Care and Support A guide for those who own or want to own trees which we have designed. (And for other people too!)

 This is a 7 year old spirea, 3 years of training.


Contact us through the summer for repotting, wiring, shaping, pruning or a trim.

We have cared for all sorts of potted trees from 8cm/1in to 424cm/14ft by trimming them in a Japanese style emphasizing age, branch ramification and naturalness.

We can do the work at your location!

Bonsai Doctor

Contact us with a description of the problem.