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Welcome to our trading page.    We are proud members of Trading Bases, Dugout Traders, Honest Traders and SportsCardFun (HOF).  Like you we enjoy trading sports card.  Our collection goal is focused on baseball cards from 1972 to present however we do have some football and other sports cards for trade. 


  • Click here for an explanation of our trading and grading policies.  It is pretty much common sense stuff but it makes it much simpler when we are all on the same page.
  • We are not currently buying cards.  Please do not waste our time with sending request to purchase cards.  Those emails will simply be ignored. 
  • We have assigned a priority to each of our want sets.  This is an explanation of what they mean.  LOW - we are happy to accept cards with the priority as long as you cannot hit any other higher priorities. MEDIUM – we are actively collecting these sets, but they are not our main collecting goal.  HIGH - we are actively trying hard to collect these sets.  Hits in this category are much appreciated.  VERY HIGH – we are very interested in these cards and would be thrilled to accept cards in this category.   Quite often we will trade in your favor for these cards if possible.
If you are having problems hitting our want list please don’t give up.  We are interested in collecting pre 1972 cards and any hits that you can provided from our current starter set needs.  Starter set needs in this case can be a few cards, any little bit helps.  If you are unable to hit anything from our pre 1972 baseball cards or starter set needs we will also consider receiving trade bait to balance out a trade.

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