The ITS Heartland Operations Working Group (OWG) exists to "improve the quality of life for those transportation users who live and invest in America's Heartland Region through optimizing operations and communication among the region's transportation management systems."

Chair: Jason Sims, MoDOT - KC Scout

Vice Chair: Tim Simodynes, Iowa DOT

Functions of the ITS Heartland OWG are to:

  • Sponsor webinars and workshops
  • Oversee and implement approved priority projects
  • Connect with monthly conference calls
  • Act as a group liaison to inform the ITS Heartland Board of group activities, needs, and issues
  • Maintain and update the OWG website

Are you with a DOT? Contact your OWG representative to request OWG website access. You will need a Google account (does not have to be Gmail).

Iowa - Sinclair Stolle

Missouri - Jon Nelson

Nebraska - Sarah Tracy

Kansas - Leslie Spencer Fowler

Oklahoma - Alan Stevenson

If you are a vendor working with one of the Heartland DOTs, please send an email to Sinclair Stolle (s.stolle@dot.iowa.gov) and your request will be reviewed.