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    This site is not about selling Gadgets. It is to introduce a number of latest and affordable items which you use on a day to day basis (at home, office or on the move). 

    Every where you look around you, there are so many Gadgets that seem to be growing on trees. There are numerous items which do the same task but in different shapes, colour  and sizes and results in confusion, (mobile phones are just the example of such industry).

    So why not make it simple; Here I introduce a few Gadgets which all are tried and tested and being used by myself, family and friends. I hope that you like them and enjoy using them.



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Famous Optical Illusions


Question and Answers; a shortest question and answer will be entered here 

Q. What is Chromecast for a price at $35

A. Chromecast is already a great value for YouTube junkies, Netflix aficionados, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV at first and cross-platform households.  Lets you put nearly any online video on your TV, but you need a fast Wi-Fi network

If you have more Q&A send us an email. Thank you

Joseph Youssefi,
24 Feb 2011, 12:13