What's Coming in 2014. . .

John D. Hoh/ITS @ Harrisburg

Academic Year 2013/2014 Classroom and Related IT Projects

What is coming down the Pike?

EAB 217 Engineering Collaboration Space

Olmsted C-08 Collaboration Lounge

Library - !st floor - Computational Collaboration Area

New EAB - 3 large lecture halls, one 50 seat classroom and approximately 12 technology enhanced engineering labs

Further expansion of  vLearning

Olmsted E252/253 UCIF funds for renovations of space

Faculty survey on Learning Spaces

Strategic Roadmap for Harrisburg ITS

University wide adoption of BOX

Phase out of older Epson projectors and associated pull down projection screens

Air Play C113 E244 W338 and hopefully C300

EAB 120  to be a walkthrough area with 3 kiosks, lounge furniture and printer

Video Streaming - Gym to Student Center

Recent Projects Completed

Project                                Notes

Nursing Simulation      Projector/podium/audio installed/ Video capture   

Library 2nd Floor          One-button studio 

CUB                                second digital sign by "old" entrance

CUB                                Installed AV/Audio/Podium in two new classrooms -  119 and 119a

CUB                                Kiosks and printer

Auditorium                   New projection, podium and related AV equipment to transform space into GPC for 104 students

Library 109                  Create a lab similar in function to Library 108

Library 203                  Create a 32 seat collaborative classroom similar to the "skittles" room

Digital Sandbox           Using virtual desktops, create an academic sandbox where students can create servers and application services without impacting the PSU network.  Vlearning kicked off in August.

Remote Applications  Promote the CLC web based Webapps - including webfiles

Skype Rooms                    Library 102c and Olmsted E200

Skype Kits                            Check out from library - can be used in any learning space

Things worth mentioning. . . 

Project                                Notes

Morisson Gallery             Permanent AV installed - done

CUB                               Wireless in workout room

CUB                               Sound system in workout room

CUB                              Digital Signage by new entrance

Gym AV                        Kickin’ sound system plus AV - done

New GPC Classroom      Old Dining Commons  105 - Done          

Olmsted 2nd floor           center lounge  Collaboration Furniture  - done

W138                            convert to General Purpose Classroom - done

TL 115                          Chem Lab AV - done

TL 127                          Physics Lab AV - done

TL128/118                    Microphones installed

W338                           Tiered Room – similar to E244- done

iPad Cart (30 units)       Student check out - done

Library 106                   Lab refresh - done

Olmsted C015              Lab refresh- done

Mac Lab                       Redesigned space - done

Library 110                   Video learning network - done

Library 108                   new writing lab, intelligent white board  - done

Engineering Lab 109     Lab refresh - done

Library 305                   seminar room for 20, flexible seating, intelligent white board - done

 Library 203                   now a GPC with 40 seats                               

 other improvements

·      CUB digital signage by new entrance - DONE

·      Two (2) additional kiosks on 2nd floor center lobby - DONE

·     Enhanced Audio and Displays in C-300 - DONE

C-012 Computer Lab                  Re-think                                                                                    

C-013 Computer Lab                  Re-think                                                                                  

Auditorium                                Replace Speaker System, add Podium mike                            

Community Center                     Technology for multi-purpose space                                            

SBA E330 Computer Lab            Furniture/Systems                                                                  

TL 166                                       Re-do space to meet ITS Standards                                          

Media Commons                        Transition to Library                                                                   

Library 1st Floor                         Assist with "knowledge commons"/replace floor computers         

Digital Signage                           Initial buildings include Olmsted and the Library,                          

Olmsted 2nd floor center             Collaboration space - Similar in design to Library                        

Kiosks                                      Olmsted and TL  

Interesting Recent Projects

Student Art Work                       Installed art in the corridor of the Computer Labs                        Fall-Winter 2010/11

Remote Trouble Shooting          Classrooms using Room View                                                    Fall, 2010

Stacks Stage                           Sound system                                                                          Fall, 2010  


oint ITS & Library Initiatives - Collaboration Spaces a reality!

Media Commons moved to Library space (former ILL) with two podcasting boths                 

Converted two (2) small group study rooms to collaborative spaces   1st Floor        

Converted one large group study rooms to "presentation practice" facility    2nd Floor    


Past Projects

Rolled out Windows 7 to all public computers.
Completed our five-year IT audit.
Improved the flexibility of our network through the introduction of virtual LANs.
Provided a replacement for Police Services' aging Call Tracking database.
Supported the installation of a new swipe card system in the TL building.
Supported the installation of a new IP camera system in the TL building.
Supported the installation of a research cluster for Dr Tofighi.         

Classroom and Space Improvements

Math Tutoring Center                              (former Nursing Area)                      

Chemistry Lab                                        New Technology Space                      

East Gate Computer Lab                         New CLM Lab                                   

C015 Computer Lab                                Remodeling - dual projectors            

Art Room                                               Standard Podium/AV/Dual Proj          

E-334 SBA Classroom Computer Lab       Furniture/25 computers/projection    

W-208 CAD/CAM Lab                             Furniture/additional computers        

Mac Lab C014                                        New Furniture/collaboration space    

W225 Classroom/Computer Lab               Furniture/47 computers                      

Computer Labs – Basement                     Helpdesk Area - Total Rethink          

CUB - Student Union                               Podium/AV/Enhanced Audio       

TL 128                                                   Similar to TL 118                                 

Athletics                                                Portable PA system for Fields                      

Other Initiatives

Respond to Internal IT Audit                                                                                            DONE

Replace Aging Projection Screens - various locations around campus                        Starting Fall, 2010

Active Directory Migration                                                                                               Starting Spring, 2011

C 211    Enhance the AV and add seating                                                                       DONE

Bio Fuels Facility - assist with opening                                                                            Summer 2011

TL127   Re-do space to meet ITS Standards  Awaiting Funding                                     DONE

EAB  renovation and expansion                                                                                       On-going

Educational Gaming Facility - discussions with UP                                                          On-going

Complete the evolution of our network - both hardwire and wireless                               Academic Year 2010-11

Business Continuity Planning                                                                                            Academic Year 2010-13

Printer Fleet Management                                                                                                 Academic Year 2010-13

PII Eradication (Identity Finder)                                                                                         On-going