Teacher Resources, Ideas and Activities

     This page contains information for Teachers, Librarians, Parents or You for great ideas and activities that you can do with the knowledge you will be gaining through this pathfinder.

Teachers, Librarians and Parents

PBS Teachers
PBS.org can be a wealth of information and lesson plans for teachers and parents.  For example: Do you want to study Greek Drama? PBS already has a lesson plan written for ages 6-8 or 9-12 that covers Oedipus the King, or if mathematics is what you want to discover, mix Pythagorean's Theorem with history.  All of PBS's lesson plans are age specific and curriculum specific.  Check out my search results page on PBS Teachers for Greece at this link. 

Activity Village is a site full of activities and projects that a free for librarians, teachers or personal use.  You can find crafts, word searches, coloring pages and more that are theme specific.  There are also links to other sites that include more ideas, free clipart and Greek myths that a kid appropriate.  Click on this link here to see the site.http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/ancient_greece_for_kids.htm 

Here is an example of one of the crafts and word searches provided:

       Make a Greek Vase                                                                                                                                                                      Word Search

A Teacher's Guide to Percy - Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan has included a Teacher's guide to the Percy Jackson and Olympians Series. The guide includes many helpful tools and plans for teachers and librarians.  For example: Reader's guides for the different books (perfect for book clubs), Teacher's units for the classroom on The Lightning Thief, and Rick Riordan even gives you a rational page, so you can use The Lightning Thief in the classroom according to education standards.  To check this site out, click on this link.

Cultural Food Day
A great idea to make learning about another culture fun is to explore that cultures food.  Set aside a time after you have learned about the history of Greece to have kids bring in different dishes of Greek food, or if your students are too young, bring in some samples yourself.  A great site to find ideas for Greek food is:
Check out the different books listed at the end of the page to get recipes or you can visit this website:
In this website you can search for different meals and dishes.  They have even provided a converter for measurements and oven temperatures.

For Kids (and Adults too!)

Have you ever heard of FanFiction?  Well if you have not, it is where fans of a certain book or series of books try their hand at writing stories to go along with the original story.  Take all the information that you have gained so far about Percy Jackson and the Greek gods and see if you can write some FanFiction as well.  
You can go to the Scholastic webpage and join a cast of FanFiction writers in which each person adds to the story or you can visit FanFiction.net and create your very own story by yourself.  Try to stay true to the characters in how they react to certain things or how they talk.  Good Luck!  Make sure that you have your parents permission to do this if needed.

Costume Party!
Did you know that The Lightning Thief is going to made into a movie in 2010 or that the last book of the Percy Jackson series, The Last Olympian, is out?  What better way to celebrate this or just have fun with friends than to have a Percy Jackson costume party.  Everyone can dress like the Greek gods or your favorite Percy Jackson character.  You can play games like capture the flag, and chariot racing (have one person walk on their hands while the other person holds their feet and walks behind them.  Whoever gets across the finish line first wins).  Talk about your favorite parts of the books while drinking Nectar and eating Ambrosia (Milk shakes and Jello).  You could even serve all blue food if you wanted to just like Percy's mom.
Check out this History for Kids site to learn about how to make your own Greek costume and easy Greek food you can make:

Flash Cards and Memory Game
Need to learn about the Greek gods or just want to create your own game?  Find pictures of the Greek gods by either searching the Percy Jackson official site: http://www.percyjacksonbooks.com/ or GoogleImages.  Once you find the images you like, you can make either flash cards or a memory game.   

Flash Cards

You will need:
index cards
a computer and attached printer
the Internet

Cut out one picture of the Greek god, hero or creature of your choice that you printed off of the Internet.  Glue that picture face up on the blank side of the index card.  Underneath the picture write the name of the god, hero or creature.  Flip the index card over to the side that has the lines.  On the lines, write all the information you will need to know about the picture on the other side on the card.  For example: how they were born, who their parents are, what their symbol is (if they have one), and what they do.  Do not put the name on this side of the card.  The goal is to read the information you wrote on the lined side of the index card and know who's picture is on the other side of the card without looking.

Memory Game

You will need:
index cards
markers (optional)
a computer and attached printer
the Internet

Print two copies of each Greek god, hero or creature that you want in your game from the Internet.  Cut out the pictures that you found and glue them face up on the index card.  You can write the name of the god, hero or creature if you want.  Decorate the cards in any manor that you want but remember if they do not look the same people playing the game could cheat.  Once your cards are ready to go, mix them up and lay them all face down.  A turn consists of turning two cards over if they match you have made a pair and get to remove the cards, if they do not match turn them back over and it is the next persons turn. See if you can get the most matches.  

Book Trailers
Recently making a book trailer, much like a movie trailer, has become popular.  Some are produced by the book's publisher and some are made by fans.  Take a look at this fan-made movie trailer and figure what you would do differently, then get your friends and family together to create your own book trailer.  

All you need is: 
a video camera
props (like fake swords and maybe Annabeth's invisibilty cap)
a location that has the right background for your film 
a script
the Internet and computer if you wish to publish your video
and willing actors

Have Fun!

The Lightning Thief Book Trailer