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The answer to our economic malaise is jobs.  It’s not about debt-ceiling, it’s not about more education or job training for the future, and it's not about lowering taxes.  It’s about jobs now.

How are we going to get those jobs?  The answer is simple.  Bring back the manufacturing jobs we’ve been outsourcing to our “Trading Partners” for the past 20 years.  You can’t decimate your manufacturing capability to the point where every product you buy in every store you shop is made somewhere else and expect to remain a super power.   It’s not just about having superior weapons and military that confirms you as a super power.  It’s also about having Financial Clout and the moxie to use it.

Manufacturing Jobs in America is a National Defense issue!

Our inability to manufacture what we use is a National Defense issue that the people themselves must correct because our legislators in Washington, both Democrat and Republican,  have been pursuing trade policies that have made the U.S. the greatest debtor nation in the world and have utterly failed to deliver good paying job growth for the past two decades. 

The international trade policies pursued by both parties have resulted in the single largest job drain in the history of the planet; With good paying Manufacturing Jobs taking the biggest hit. 

Have you ever heard anybody in Washington - a President, a Congressman, a Senator, a Candidate, anybody in the Bush or Obama White House - even suggest that maybe the reason we’re in so much financial trouble is because we no longer making any of the goods that we all use?

Instead of going to the source of the problem - where all the billions and billions of dollars of the stuff we buy is being made - we hear the same ‘ole, same ‘ole Democratic and Republican mantras for creating jobs:  More Education, Job Training, Green Jobs, or Cut the Budget, Decrease the Size of Government and Cut Taxes.

The K Street Problem

Our elected officials are captives of Special Interests that benefit mightily from our trade policies, even while millions of Americans are underpaid or go jobless.  They are captives of both the money these groups give them for their campaigns, i.e., the means to hold onto their jobs, and of the research they are fed to support legislation favorable to themselves.

The Solution – Gorilla Warfare at the Local Level 

The solution to the K Street Problem is Gorilla Warfare, by which we drive home the local cost in jobs that our current trade polices have fostered with real world Main Street economic messages - Congressional District by Congressional District - To elect representatives who pledge to support the American Manufacturing Defense Act.

It's About Jobs Stupid SuperPac is identifying congressional candidates in all parties who will support the American Manufacturing Defense Act. Each candidate who signs the pledge is supported with local research with economic impact the jobs lost have had on their congressional district and/or state along with  a hard hitting cross media campaign and a local get-out-the-vote drive.

Americans Are Angry

Our secret weapon is the public’s anger over the fact that nearly everything the average household purchases is made outside of the U.S.  It’s our clothing, our food, toys, pet food, and pharmaceuticals - Our electronics, hardware and construction materials, sporting equipment and foot ware... the list is endless.  

Than anger is reflected in the public's low opinion of Congress  According to the new CitiBank Ad, "From 2000 – 2011, on average 17 manufacturers a day shut down in America."  That's 68,255 manufacturing facilities! 

American Manufacturing

"62% of all manufactured products purchased within the borders of the United States must be manufactured within the country’s borders." 

Where Did Our Jobs Go?  
To our  "Trading Partners via Free Trade Agreements," especially the ones with cheap labor, e.g.,  China, Japan (in the 80's and 90's), South Korea, Viet Nam,  et al.

The largest loss of manufacturing jobs has been to China, the "Trading Partner" with the largest supply of cheap labor.

The China Job Drain

  • 2.4 Million jobs lost to China  between 2001 and  2008
  • U.S. trade deficit with China rose from $84 billion in 2001 to $270 billion in 2008 ($319 Billion in 2013)
  • Deficit with China has increased by $26.6 billion per year on average, or 18 percent per year

To Mexico and Canada via NAFTA

In 1993, the year before NAFTA took effect, the United States had a small ($1.6 billion) trade surplus with Mexico - A surplus that was supporting 29,400 jobs.

By 2000, a short seven years after NAFTA, 879,000 High Wage U.S. Manufacturing Jobs were lost to Mexico and Canada.

Source:  The high price of 'free' trade, Robert E. Scott, Economic Policy Institute, November 17, 2003

As of 2010, U.S. trade deficits with Mexico have displaced production that could have supported 682,900 U.S. jobs surplus, all of those jobs have been lost or displaced since NAFTA. This estimate of 682,900 net jobs displaced takes into account the additional jobs created by exports to Mexico.

Source:  Heading South: U.S.-Mexico trade and job displacement after NAFTA, Robert E. Scott, Economic Policy Institute, May 3, 2011.

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

Join Citizens For The American   Manufacturing Defense Act

"62% of all manufactured products purchased  within the borders of the United States must be manufactured within the country’s borders."