Rodolfo B. Reyes Jr.      'Rudy Reyes'
Research Associate at Quantitative Aquatics

Research Interests
Bioinformatics; species identification systems; fish life history
[current focus: species identification; fish life history]

Professional Employment
2018 -  Present - Quantitative Aquatics, Inc.

Professional Community Service
Occassional lifehistory manuscript reviewer for a few other journals (e.g.,
Cybium; Mediterranean Marine Science; Ichthyological Research; Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology; BMC Bioinformatics)

Recent University Engagements
Lecturer (Advanced Ichthyology) - University of the Philippines OU
Thesis Adviser - University of the Philippines Los Baños; University of Southeastern Philippines
Working Group on Benchmarking BS Fisheries Curriculum for State Universities

Examples of  Bioinformatics projects

Short CV; Google Scholar Citations