Happy Holidays & Happy 2012!
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5% of your bill will be paid to South San Francisco Band & Guard Lauren Chun at G-F Automotive on Ryan Street / Victory Ave. Garage Entrance is on Victory Ave. in South San Francisco.  Discount Coupons are on the Pennysaver.com
1988 Toyota Tercel Very Good Condition 2-Door Automatic Approx. 78,000 miles and mechanically great and good body! $2,500 or Best Offer 650-534-4369
1997 Volvo 850 4 door 5 Cylinder Automatic Approx. 274,000 miles Loaded adjustable drivers seat, seat heaters, electric mirrors, traction control, economy & tour mode, cruise control, electric windows, am-fm cassette, NO sun roof, Newly installed Fuel Pump, Motor Mounts, Alternator, Starter Motor, & Extra Parts $2,000 or best offer 650-534-4369
South San Francisco High School Warriors thanks Federal 
Express for their Generous Contribution to their Washington D.C. Fourth of July Parade project.  
Call 1-800-GoFedEx 1-800-463-3339 or Click GoFedEx

Casio CT625 Keyboard $40 650-534-4369 As-IS AC Adapter +$15 Stand (Aluminum Walker) $20 650-534-4369

Representing South San Francisco & San Mateo County & California, Warriors Marching Band of South San Francisco High School are planning to participate in South Dakota Band Review Competition.  Please send a donation of $1 or more to SSFHS Band Guild (L.Chun) 400 B St. SSF CA 94080 or attend any of the following events.
2012 Showcase of Bands featuring South City Warriors, El Camino Colts, Westborough Wildcats, Alta Loma and Parkway.  Advance Tickets are $5.00 ($1 for each band) or at the door $10 ($2 for each band).  Funds support the band's & choir programs. 
2011 Showcase of Bands DVD is available for a $20+ donation to South San Francisco Band Guild.  Send $20 check payable to "So. City Band Guild" 400 'B' St. SSF  CA 94080  or by Paypal. Click here to Preview 2011 Video 
Send $20 or more via paypal.com (aprams.com@juno.com) with your name & address & city & zip. 50% of the funds support South S.F. High School Band & Guard Activities & Equipment Repairs. Click Here to Preview Video