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Essay 2: Advertisements

The Gucci Guilty Look!!!!!

            The Gucci brand has developed sexually driven ad for their guilty perfume that use the expectations of the world to create a better image for their perfumes and colognes. In their ads they use a man and a woman that are close to each, both of them naked and usually one is portrayed as the dominant over the other. In these ads the woman is shown as the alpha, the male is shown as the weak one, but not physically weak rather, mentally and emotionally weak to the woman’s beauty and the type of perfume that she is wearing and he also shows a desire towards her, while the female is looking straight at the viewers with fearsome and piercing eyes. The ads also mix in the color of the bottle to something within the ad, and in the four ads they all have a dark if not black background, they use really strong colors to further draw out the views attention towards the models.

            The message that Gucci is trying to spread with their ads is that if you as a woman wear their perfume you will have men wanting you and you will be the one that dominates over them. The models they use are displayed as beautiful and sexy, which they are. The models they are using are Christ Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. They are both actors. Evan Rachel Wood is known mostly for the movies The Wrestler, Across the Universe, Thirteen, and The Ides of March, Christ Evans is known for playing as Captain American in The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, and the human torch in Fantastic Four and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In their ads Gucci is showing Christ Evans who usually plays the role of a hero and subdue him to a simple man that can’t resist Evan Rachel Wood’s lustfulness. They are making their perfume seem as a type of kryptonite towards man, something that they can’t resist and are weakened by leaving them to your devises.

            In the ads Rachel is always in the front displaying her face and most of her body. Staring directly into the camera with a firm and fierce look in her eyes that also reflect a little bit of  guilt, a kind of guilt look that would make other people envy you for what you have done and make them wish they can be you. In the ads they always show of the body in ways that make it seem more attractive than it really is making it “sexy”. “Don’t expect any earthiness in the “sexy” patchouli basenote, either; after all, Gucci’s air-brushed interpretation of sex typically emphasizes the participants’ long, bronzed limbs, luminous cheekbones, and perfectly glossed lips, without any unphotogenic sweatiness” (M1). Jessica in her article that reviews the fragrance mentions how Gucci Portraits what they consider sexy. Rachel is also overpowering the man whether it is by covering his face with her hand or grabbing his head from the back like a man would do to a woman. She shows more interested in letting you know of what she has done or what is happening then paying the man any attentions, which also shows that she knows that she can have him whenever she needs him. On the other hand Christ is trying to kiss her in the neck or near her ear behind the cheek. He is either being cover with her hand, being grabbed from behind the head, or standing behind her trying to kiss on the cheek near the ear to make it seem as if it was something that was meant to be kept secret. Only half of Christ’s face is ever shown in any of the ads and his eyes are always closed making him seem more vulnerable. He is lusting for her. In the ads he is also looking up at her giving her a more authoritative look and making him look even weaker. They are portrait her as the boss and him as the willing servant.

            The Gucci brand itself is not the main focus of the ads. The ads usually have the title “Gucci Guilty” or “Gucci Guilty Black” in white letter on the top of the ad if it’s in portrait format or the bottom of it if it’s in landscape format along with the line “THE NEW FRAGRANCE FOR HER” at the bottom for both cases. They also display the perfume bottle on the bottom right hand corner and make it contrast itself with something within the ad that is of the same or similar color. The bottle for Gucci Guilty is a peachy tan color that is contrasted with the peachy tan skin of Rachel.  The bottle for Gucci Guilty Black is black with a red inner liquid that is in contrast with the red light coming from the left that half covers her face with a red glow and turns her blond her in to red hair. The ads themselves have a dark tone to them. They are displayed as if they are meant to be kept a secret, because of the dark hard colors used and the emotions that are being displayed.

            The models are mean to represent the common people. They created what would be known as the Gucci look. That if you use the product you will look like the models. They are appealing to people’s view of beauty and making them feels that they too can look like the modes. The models represent in reality a fraction of society as they are not that many people who are as fit and beautiful as the models. The models are also photo-shopped making them seem that more like fantasy, yet making others wanting to be more like them. They represent what people want to look like, what they should look like. They represent a younger park of the audience. "Our protagonist is young, sexy, and slightly dangerous", says Giannini (Gucci1). They are after the younger generations, the people who are still not well informed of what advertisements really are, people who believe in the lies that are withing their ads.

            The ad uses mainly pathos; they are convening emotions through the look and behavior of the models. They are showing lust, guilt, passion, and attachment. They show Christ’s lust for Rachel and his passion towards her and his attachment if not obsession for her, they are making it seem that Christ is weak in the presence of Rachel because of her perfume, making the viewer feel that if someone as sexy as Christ is so easily manipulated by such a perfume that they can also have their own sexy “Slave”. Rachel is showing a guilty look on her eyes a look that makes it seem as if she had not known that you were watching, but hoped that you were. She is trying to make you envy her and make you feel the need to be more like her. Gucci also uses ethos. They are using well know actors for their ads. They use Christ Evans someone who is usually portrayed as a hero of great strength and make him look like a weak person that is lusting for Evan Rachel Wood and can’t resist her beauty and fragrance. Showing the view that even heroes, are bought down to nothing more than harmless puppies by the smell of their perfume. They use Frank Miller as there director and he brings a little of his work to this ads. Gucci uses someone who is well known not only for his movies, but his comic books also. “Frank Miller is a writer of comic books, many of which he illustrates himself.  If you’re not into comics but watch movies, 300, and Sin City were both based on some of the work that made him famous.  But the real reason that he’s geek-famous lies back in the 1980′s. Miller did some really influential work, both in writing and art, in the 1980s” (Polo1). Susan talks about the work of Miller and how he is, even though not in the ad, yet another influence in the ad campaign. 

            The Gucci brand has created an image of themselves that makes them out to be more then they truly are. They use pathos to snare in their customers, and reassuring them with ethos of their credibility. They create ads that are persuasivend flattering. They are looking for you to believe that their product will have the effect that they are pertain in their ads. They use naked sexy well know actors for their ads to appeal to you and make it seem that you can be just like them if you buy their perfume. They are trying to make you want to be like the models, they are trying to persuade you that you can be just like their models if you simple buy the perfume. Gucci is also using dark tones so set the mood and make you remember a time when you were naughty and wanted to keep it a secret. They are trying to recreate something that you enjoyed and appeal to the viewers “naughty side”.

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