It was really nice to meet someone who is working on a very similar project with different perspective.

posted Sep 2, 2010, 2:30 PM by Jack Mostow

What I learned from ITS2010 about how to frame, plan, perform, and communicate my own ITS research


I am a PhD student in Computer Science. I work in Human Computer Interaction.

My work is about distance tutoring system where we use a human-driven avatar for embodied interaction. Our focus is on multimodal communication and believable behavior generation.


This was the first time I attended ITS conference and I had a great experience. Not only did I have a chance to present my works as a poster, but I also met other researchers in ITS community, a community I wasn’t familiar with. That was my main goal when I attended to this conference, to understand what they do. Even though I am working on a distance tutoring system where we have a tutor, our approach is different. And that was the missing part in my expertise.


I really enjoyed interactive events during Opening reception. It makes it much more easier to understand different systems developed by researchers from different areas. I think I not only learned from these researchers but I also contributed to their work by giving my feedback. I have a different background, and realized that some of the people find it valuable.


There was an interesting presentation titled “Examining the Role of Gestures in Expert Tutoring” by Williams. I had a chance to discuss my work with her. It was really nice to meet someone who is working on a very similar project with different perspective. Our final goals are similar, but we started from different parts and we focused on different parts. It was a nice discussion and we exchanged ideas.


Another thing I liked about ITS is the number of invited speakers. Having five speakers is not that usual for a conference of this size. I found them mind opening. Each brought different perspective. I was inspired by Beverly Park Woolf in many ways.


I just wish that more people visited the room where I presented my poster. It was the last room with around six posters, and a lot of people just went to the first one across the room where they picked their lunch. Only a few people came to ours. I am glad that I informed some of the people I met to come and see it. They came and we had a nice discussion.


Overall, I learned a lot. I will apply some of the things I learned in ITS to my future research. I am definitely planning to attend ITS 2012.