The ITS2010 Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards were chosen by the Program Chairs based on original and additional reviews by multiple reviewers.
Best Paper Award:
Do Micro-Level Tutorial Decisions Matter: Applying Reinforcement Learning to Induce Pedagogical Tutorial Tactics
Min Chi, Kurt VanLehn and Diane Litman

Best Student Paper Award:
Enhancing the Automatic Generation of Hints with Expert Seeding
John Stamper, Tiffany Barnes and Marvin Croy

The People's Choice Award introduced at ITS2010 invited attendees to use (paper or online) forms to help:
a. Decide which ITS2010 presentations to give awards for presentation quality.

b. Give the presenter useful anonymous feedback on presentation quality.
People's Choice Award for Best Young Researchers Track Poster (tie):

An Intelligent Debater for Teaching Argumentation
Matthew W.  Easterday

Long-Term Benefits of Direct Instruction with Reification for Learning the Control of Variables Strategy
Michael A.  Sao Pedro, Janice D.  Gobert, and Juelaila J.  Raziuddin

People's Choice Award for Best Oral Presentation:
Detecting the Moment of Learning
Ryan S.J.d.  Baker, Adam B.  Goldstein, and Neil T.  Heffernan

People's Choice Award for Best Interactive Event (tie):
A Cognitive Tutor for Geometric Proof
Steven  Ritter, Brendon  Towle, R. Charles  Murray, Robert G.M.  Hausmann, and John  Connelly,

The Science Assistments Project:  Scaffolding Scientific Inquiry Skills
Janice D.  Gobert , Orlando  Montalvo, Ermal  Toto, Michael  Sao Pedro, and Ryan S.J.d.  Baker