At ITS2008 Claude Frasson recruited chair Jack Mostow, who met Bruce McLaren, Vincent Aleven, Ryan Baker, & Judy Kay at AIED2009.
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Conference Chair Jack Mostow Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Conference Secretary Lynnetta Miller Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Conference Treasurer Al Corbett Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
EDM2010 Conference Chair Ryan S.J.D. Baker Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA 
EDM2010 Local Organizing Chair John Stamper Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
General Chair Alan Lesgold University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Interactive Events Chair Tanja Mitrovic University of Canterbury, New Zealand 
Interactive Events Chair Noboru Matsuda Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Local Arrangements Chair Bruce McLaren Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany 
Local Arrangements Chair Sandra Katz University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Local Assistance Committee TBA   
Panels Chair Chee Kit Looi Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
Panels Chair Cristina Conati University of British Columbia, Canada 
Program and Posters Chair Judy Kay University of Sydney, Australia 
Program and Posters Chair Vincent Aleven Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Publicity Chair Susan Bull University of Birmingham, UK 
Sponsorship Chair Steve Ritter Carnegie Learning, USA 
Volunteers/Outings Chair Collin Lynch University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Volunteers/Outings Chair Amy Ogan Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Web Design Advisor Luke Weng University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Web Design Advisor Jessica Dzurek University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Workshops/Tutorials Chair Joe Beck Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA 
Workshops/Tutorials Chair Niels Pinkwart Clausthal University of Technology, Germany 
Young Researchers Track / Doctoral Consortium Carolyn Rose Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Young Researchers Track / Doctoral Consortium Ricardo Conejo Universidad de Málaga, Spain 
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