Supporting Transformation via Practice Groups
informed by the Integral Perspective

The great mystical traditions are astonishingly united in claims that we are essentially sparks of Divine Consciousness and may obtain conscious union with Spirit. Transformational practices are the tools that make this growth possible. Divine Grace may initiate us through inner mystical experience or revelation, but it is through daily practice that these initiations become integrated into every aspect of our life.  Doing such practices within a group supports each person's growth and serves as a model for the greater sense of connection our world so desperately needs.

I developed this particular model for Transformational Practice Groups to fill a hole I saw in the offerings of the personal and spiritual growth movement that I have been intimately involved with for thirty years. One TP group I personally belong to has met weekly for nine years and continues to deepen and enrich our experience.

No matter what the level of our spiritual awareness, unless we embody that awareness we have missed the opportunity for service, for fulfilling our sacred nature. This is the aim of all our seeking, the answer to a lifetime of longing, the cause of mystical bliss, and the source of overwhelming and enduring joy. The divine power of love and compassion is within each of us. We all have the potential to grow into its possession, and to act with its wisdom, courage, and intense hunger for justice and reality. To serve God, our divine human self, our friends, our community, and the world with all our gifts and energies empowers us to help birth a new creation, a new world.

I invite you to try this model for yourself.

James R. Jones   
Director, Personal Awareness Institute   
Washington, DC