Information On Auto Body Repair

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  • (Information Only) Source provided information to DOJ which did not require action. For example, sending DOJ a copy of a questionable advertisement or solicitation.
    body repair
  • The act of bring corroded or damaged panels back to like-new condition
  • An automobile
  • Oram Po is a Tamil comedy film starring Arya and Pooja. The film, directed by the debutant duo, Pushkar-Gayatri, is produced by V. Palanivel and A.C. Anandan for A.P. Film Garden. G. V. Prakash Kumar of Veyyil fame is the music director.
  • car: a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
  • Auto is a sub-genre of Dramatic Literature. It has its origin in the Middle Ages, in Spain, by the 12th century. In Portugal, in the 16th century, Gil Vicente is the main author of this type of dramatic genre. Luis de Camoes and Dom Francisco Manuel de Mello also adopted this form of writing.
information on auto body repair Roger Penske's winning Lola T70 at Daytona 1969
Roger Penske's winning Lola T70 at Daytona 1969
That's Roger Penske (standing) as he supervises the pit stop for his leading Sunoco Lola T70 Mk. IIIB at Daytona 1969. The car was driven to victory by Mark Donohue and Chuck Parsons. Prior to the start of the race few gave this car any chance of winning because there was a whole slew of Porsche 908's in the race along with John Wyer's GT40's. As luck would have it the Porsches all retired with some succumbing to faulty exhaust headers. The GT40's also had their problems. Coming in first was the Penske Lola and second was a Lola T70 Mk. III entered by actor/racer James Garner. Third was a Pontiac Firebird and fourth was a Porsche 911T. Penske took the same car to Sebring but failed to finish. Now for some trivia. After Sebring two Penske mechanics were tasked with trucking the car and all related spares back to Philadelphia so they could get it ready for Le Mans. The mechanics stopped off in Daytona Beach for some "rest and recuperation" and while they were "resting?????" someone stole the truck with the race car and spares. The rental truck and shell of the car were found the next day. Not until Mark Donohue put up a reward for information about the whereabouts of the Lola engine and spares did they find the fellows who stole everything. The police even allowed Donohue to be in on the bust. The engine was stolen by the bad guys so they could put it into a Ford GT40. The stolen parts were valued at $35,000. Because the bad guys had cut the engine out of the car it damaged the Lola body and frame to the point where they couldn't repair it and get it ready for Le Mans and Lola couldn't get a new one to them in time.
Queen of the Jungle
Queen of the Jungle
By special request: Her majesty, Nayla. The very first jaguar I ever saw in real life. I have now seen 24 of the the 37 exotic cat species! © All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use of this photo is illegal and strictly prohibited.