ITNG-BT 2020

After the successful organization of,

"5th Symposium on Security and Privacy in Next Generation Networks", in 2014, Flamingo, Las Vegas, USA;

"6th Symposium on Security and Privacy in Next Generation Networks", in 2015, Flamingo, Las Vegas, USA;

"7th Symposium on Security and Privacy in Next Generation Networks", in 2016, Flamingo, Las Vegas, USA;

"International Symposium on Health Informatics (HInfo 2018)", Tuscany Suites, Las Vegas, USA;

"HInfo 2019", Tuscany Suites, Las Vegas, USA;

this time glad to organize the symposium on,

Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Blockchain Technology

in association with

17th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2020)

April 5-8, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Blockchain is gradually becoming a mainstream technology with a huge potential for growth, adoption, and impact. Blockchain is new paradigm with the ability to transform technology with several new and revolutionary applications across many areas. Blockchain technology can provide instant transactions as well as data transfer and access within a trusted, secure, transparent, tamper-proof, and decentralized manner with no third party servers or trusted gents. Since the technology has been adopted in several areas, new key challenges have arisen.

This track aims to bring together academia and industry for discussing the latest advances on the following themes:

  • Design and engineering improvements to the protocols and architectures underpinning Blockchain;
  • Convergence of Blockchain with other emerging technologies (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things);
  • Insights of the technical, business, and societal implications of Blockchains based on deployed applications and case studies.

Topics of Interest

We welcome submissions of papers presenting original work in the following major areas:

    • Applications for smart cities
    • Auditability and traceability
    • Blockchain in AI, Machine Learning, cyber security, Identity and Access Management (IAM).
    • Blockchain tools, simulators, and test-nets
    • Blockchain-based IoT, fog, cloud, and mobile devices
    • Blockchain in cyber-physical systems (CPS)
    • Building private blockchain systems
    • Consensus mechanisms
    • Cross-blockchain ecosystems
    • Decentralized applications
    • Decentralized financing and payments
    • Decentralized storage and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
    • Distributed storage in blockchain
    • Trust and reputation management
    • Underlying infrastructure for blockchain systems
    • Interoperability of blockchains
    • On-chain and off-chain applications
    • Privacy and security of ledgers
    • Performance and Scalability
    • Secure contracts
    • Side chains and channels
    • Smart contracts
    • Trusted Execution Environment
    • Zero knowledge proof


Best papers will be selected and considered for publication in the following Special issues, after further extension and normal peer reviewed process according to Journal policy