Call for teachers

20th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education

Working Group 5:

A repository for high school computer science questions and visual assessment tools


The members of the fifth working group at the ACM 20th annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education ( are pleased to invite Computer Science and STEM teachers to participate, as co-designers, in the activities of the working group.

In particular, the aims of the working group are:

1.      Review existing sets of knowledge, competencies, and skills for 21st century high school computer science students which can be useful in a broad range of contexts.

2.      Identify the types of questions that are useful for assessing the above competencies and skills and that can be supported by existing digital tools, e.g. true/false questions, multiple choice questions, stacks of visual blocks, ordering blocks of code, finding the right sequence of blocks of code, logically ordering a set of blocks, finding bugs, predicting output, etc.

3.      Collect an initial set of computer science questions for high school students that should be as independent as possible from syntax-related issues, and should serve for  school or university entrance and aptitudinal tests, formative assessments and competency assessments.

The working group members strongly believe that besides competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic, students have to be provided with a  solid background on  digital literacy, not only as users of computer technology, but especially as creators of digital artifacts and computational thinkers. This requires effective means to assess the students' background and achievements on computational thinking and computer science concepts. 

By involving teachers in contributing the questions they deem more suitable and effective to uncover students' difficulties and progress in knowledge and skills relating to computational thinking and computer science,   we aim at creating a useful, searchable repository of resources for the community of teachers and learners. Moreover, by collecting the input  from teachers from diverse countries, it will be possible to prepare country-wise curriculum assessment questions, and by highlighting commonalities and differences it will be possible to put forward  guidelines for common competencies that all students should possess  in order to be prepared for higher studies, typically involving student international mobility.

The work of the working group could contribute towards Open Badges ( where students earn badges for competencies, knowledge or application of knowledge.  These are then held on line as a portable CV of achievements.  Badges are popular with children.  Badges can encourage a growth mindset and encourage children and students to develop life long learning.

The working group members will provide a common format for contributing the questions and a common, but not mandatory, recommended visual language such as App Inventor,'s Blockly, Pencil code, Scratch, Snap, Looking Glass  that could  be used to formulate some of these questions.

Interested participants please fill in the form available here. The deadline for the expression of interest is July 31, 2015.

Participants will be requested afterwards to provide their set of questions  (from a minimum of  one) in accordance with the given format. Questions can be sent up  to the WG until the 30th of September. The questions collected by this deadline will be used to finalize the first version of the repository. The collection process will be open till the 15th of October to allow further refinements to the repository. The call is open, but not limited to, Computer Science, Mathematics and science teachers.

For inquiries send an e-mail to any of these WG members:

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