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Environmental Economics

As the world becomes more and more focused on the environment due to the ever increasing population , increasing need for resources, and increasing need for space, it is important to find out what the worth of ecosystems actually are. The ability to put values on something that traditionally would not have a monetary value we can see how much we may lose through its destruction and how much we gain from preserving places such as wetlands.  However this valuing process is extremely hard to do correctly and completely. For wetlands in general there are several different factors to look at. These include, flood and flow control, storm buffering, sediment retention, groundwater recharge/discharge, water quality maintenance/nutrient retention, habitat and nursery for plant and animal species, biological diversity, micro-climate stabilization, carbon sequestration, and natural environment(educational purposes and recreational).(Brander et.Al, 2005) Only a few of these values will be determined for Ithaca Colleges mitigated wetlands due to restrictions of time and resources available.
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