Project Definition

As part of the agreement with Ithaca College, student research teams choose research topics every semester as part of their course work to ensure the monitoring of the Ithaca College wetlands. The Fall of 2010 is the second semester that research projects have taken place at the wetlands. This Wiki page serves as a constantly updated forum to view new projects as well as the results and data of ones done in the past sememsters. The page serves as a resource for students as well as a link from the Ithaca College Natural Lands website ( to view more specific projects. Research Topics are listed on the side of the wiki page and are each explained in detail. Each topic contains attachments and resources that the researcher used when working on the topic so that the reader may also use them in their research. The goal of student research is to ensure that the Ithaca College wetlands proves to be a successful mitigation that adapts into the eco-system around its construction.