We are going to post some of the many comments we are getting by e-mail and on facebook right here so people can share their stories. We'd like to hear your thoughts on being at the reunion, returning to Ithaca and we want to know what you take home from the entire experience

    Many of the posts reflect a giant message of 'thank you' and I share those with my team of Mike Melnick,
Bill Benson, Bill Avery, Scott Wiggins, and of course Hoyt Benjamin. 
                             You're very welcome...we had a blast putting it together. 
- Glen


Thank you so much for a kick ass weekend of fun, sun, and great music. It was so great to see all those old, old friends and you yourself. What a huge amt of work. Even the artwork in the bathrooms and the dining room. Billy's creations, the memorial gazebo (very sobering). I just wish I'd had more time to talk to people but still it was fabulous.Thanks for all the love and energy you put into this, man. Mark and I had a blast.

Cindy Crowner


About to finally power down and get ready for the trip home but wanted to give a big thanks to Scott Wiggins for his incredible hospitality and willingness to turn over his beautiful place to the event. To Scott and the staff at La Tourelle, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mike Forgione


What an incredible way to start the summer!! I love all the pictures that are being posted. I forgot to pack my camera, so I really appreciate everyones pictures. I'm off to Yellowstone this morning so I will be out of touch the rest of this week. Can't wait to get back to see more postings. (Never thought I would EVER say that about a trip to Yellowstone.) Love to all you wonderful Doggers.

Ilene Broooks


We (ORLEANS) have our 40th Anniv. Next year (we began in Feb1972, WoodstockNY - where I am right now '-)

We are beginning to plan how we'll celebrate. I know gig(s) in Ithaca will be a part of that.

It's not exactly SDog BUT it's a lot of... the same crowd and, more importantly, a great excuse to have another similar event SOOONNN !!! "News@11" as we like to say... We'll figure stuff out and later in 2011 start sharing our plans with everyone here and elsewhere.The Ithaca weekend was soulful, fun magic beyond words, IMHO '-)

Larry Hoppen


Da "Geezy Brain Report:.....current conditions call fer "HappySmiley" wit a chance of "Giggles".... :))



 I can't thank you enough for your Herculean efforts last weekend (and leading up to).  All of your decisions were spot on and the amount of organizational effort could not have been more obvious.  Good thing somebody still has it together!!

Skip Stamberger


Would L O V E to see a clip of "You Can Keep Your Hat On", which really R O C K E D!

Russ Halley


It was really a lovely time. I made some wonderful reconnections! thank you so much for all your work to make it happen.

Janet Locke


I can not remember the last time I had such a magical weekend, could in fact be all those years ago!! Happy Hour was pure joy back on the updated deck, great cookins there and LaTourelle was exceptional Sat night, totally magical. What an atmosphere. So great to have maintained a small event, get up close with the bands. I wrote Scott Wiggins hoping they would continue this type event.

    I LMAO when you presented the dates for 2016. We all have something to look forward to. The memorial gazebo put so much in perspective, each day..... To the next 5 years, good health.

Suzanne Lang


Suffering heavy Ithaca withdrawl.  It was not only the most amazing weekend, it was the most lovely affirmation that what we held in our hearts was true, and that those friendships and times really were that important.Much thanks to you for making me feel young again, even if it did take until today to really recover, lol Much love to you old friend! I so enjoyed linking up with you again

Alan Orloff


Congrats for a wonderful reunion, all you Doggers. I would like to thank you for making the film crew so welcome. I truly appreciated your patience with us and if we were ever in the way, I would like to ask your forgiveness. I can only hope the release of the film whenever that may be brings the joys of this weekend back for you to revel in again.

Personally I loved every minute of going back in time with you all. I made new friends with whom I made real connection and with whom I intend to stay I'm touch. My email is nigelnobel@me.com if you feel similarly.

Damn it's hard to write this on a keyboard the size of two postage stamps.

Nigel Nobel



I'm still feeling speechless about the entire experience - thank god it'll be ongoing, hopefully for the rest of our lives, since I'm still working on 'processing' it all!! And my thanks and appreciation to you all for letting me bring my crew to capture as much of it on film as we could. I must admit that for me it was at times frustrating to be frantically running around trying to make sure we wouldn't miss anything (of course, we did miss a lot, but I have a feeling everyone had that feeling with so much going on all around us!). I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a tribe of amazing and deep friends - thank you all!!!!!!

 Melinda Asman Krasting


Wanted to reactivate my page just to say what a fantastic time the reunion was!! Great work Glen, Mike, Hoyt,Bass King et al!!! And a special HUGE shout out to my awesome husband Bill Benson who gave many hours and all his love recreating the stage backdrop flag, the Salty Dog Sign, Mr. Natural, the whale in the pond and the bathroom graffitti paper!! Billy B. You da man!!!!!!!!

Sadie Benson



You created the most amazing Reality Show EVER!!!! and; you are doing such a great job keeping the momentum going. Love ya,

Pablo Tobey


What a smashing weekend of Summer FUN!!  The whole enchilada!!  It was all organized so perfectly by everyone on the committee...down to all the participants!  It's now a week later and this high is still buzzing.  Wonderful family reunion!  I'm so looking forward to more get togethers, and I'm sure everyone agrees!  Luv you all (I feel like a hippy again).  Smile!!

Sherry Black
 It occurred to me this morning that the age range at the reunion was let's say mostly between 60 and 65. This is older than our parents were when we were all running around Ithaca together in the late 60's and early 70's. Our children now are way older than we were at that time and many of us are even proud grandparents. Yet despite the relative increase in age during the past 40 years, the people I was interacting with at the reunion (most everybody) were vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic and had about them a very youthful spirit. Perhaps we recaptured the moment even more than we thought. It is as though with this massive gathering we created a window in time and stepped back into the innocence of the time we were celebrating. We smiled and laughed like kids for 3 plus days. We somehow managed to transport ourselves back to the past and then live in the present, a time warp of sorts.
 Anybody who knows me already knows that I have kept in touch with many of my old friends and initiated small Ithaca get togethers over the years. It was really an honor and a joy to take this on at such a grand scale and work so closely with my old buddies, Mike Melnick, Bill Benson, Bill Avery, Hoyt Benjamin, and my new best buddy Scott Wiggins. Yet I still had no idea of the enormity of the 'happening' we would create when assembled in one place in such large numbers. It was a remarkable occurrence, a phenomenon.
Thank you to everyone that chose to attend the reunion. For those that missed it, perhaps there will be another chance in the near future to share in the vibration and connection that took place. In the meantime, this web site will serve as a living archive to keep the spirit alive. Enjoy the photos and don't you dare stop smiling.



    I commit to recreating great music, friends, surroundings, charity, weather, organization, art, spirit, purpose and even price.
Curt Valmy



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