Albany Academy

Directions to the Albany Academy Field House

For GPS:

City:                            Albany
Street Address:          
135 Academy Road

Phone:  518-465-1461

Driving Directions from Ithaca to the Albany Academy Field House (approximately 3 hours and 9 minutes /166.08 miles from Ithaca):

From Ithaca:

  1. Take East State Street / RT-79 East.  Continue to follow RT-79 for 30.3 miles (approximately 40 minutes).
  2. Turn left onto RT-26 / RT-79 / East Main Street and continue to follow E Main Street for 0.5 miles.
  3. East Main Street then becomes RT-206 East.  Travel 26.7 miles (approximately 35 minutes).
  4. Then turn right onto South Main Street / RT-7 and go 0.01 miles.
  5. Take the 1st left onto East Main St / RT-206 and continue to follow RT-206 East for 0.6 miles.  You will pass through 1 roundabout.
  6. Merge onto I-88 East via the ramp on the left toward Albany (there will be a toll).
  7. Travel on I-88 East for 88.0 miles (approximately 1 hour 24 minutes – faster if you speed!).
  8.  Merge onto I-90 East / New York State Thruway East via EXIT 25-1 toward Albany (another toll here) and drive 10.1 miles.
  9. Keep right to take I-87 South / New York State Thruway South toward Mass Pike / New York / Boston (yes – another toll!).  Drive 6.6 miles.
  10. Take EXIT 23 - the I-787 / US-9West exit - toward Albany / Rensselaer for 0.6 miles.
  11. Take the US-9W N exit, EXIT 1, toward I-787 N / Albany and drive another 0.09 miles.
  12. Turn left onto US-9 West / Southern Blvd.  
  13. Continue to follow US-9 West for 0.6 miles.
  14. Turn right onto Southern Blvd / US-9 West and drive another 0.2 miles.
  15. Turn right onto Delaware Ave / US-9W / RT-443 and drive 0.06 miles.
  16. Take the 1st left onto Whitehall Road and drive 0.3 miles.
  17. Turn right onto Marwill Street and drive 0.2 miles.
  18. Marwill Street becomes Academy Road.  Drive another 0.2 miles.
  19. 135 Academy Road is on the left.