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Fundraising Philosophy & Guidelines

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I. Philosophy

All teams have the option to raise funds for their respective team. It is recognized that the funds raised are to be used for the betterment of the team as a whole. When raising funds, members are also representing the Tompkins Girls Hockey Association (TGHA) and are required to project a positive image of the TGHA. All fundraising activities must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the “Fundraising Guidelines”.

II. Guidelines

A. Direct public support can be requested for the purpose of fundraising;

B. All fundraising activities must be discussed and approved by the majority at a team parent meeting;

C. All fundraising activities must receive prior approval by the Board of Directors;

D. All monetary transactions relating to fundraising are to be documented in accordance with basic accounting principles and are subject to review;

E. Teams may not mandate that players and families participate in fundraising. There must be an option to pay a set amount instead. The team may set a per player fundraising goal, but it may not require a player who does not meet that goal to make up the difference.

F: All funds raised and expenses incurred are allocated on a per player basis (not per family).

III. Permitted Activities

Teams may raise funds for the following purposes:

A. Tournament registration fees;

B. Team apparel, equipment bags;

C. Coaching and Trainers supplies;

D. Travel expenses for recognized coaching staff that is not a parent of a player on the team;

E. Team meals;

F. Costs for year end banquets, trophies and awards;

G. Additional ice time for practices, exhibition games and skill development;

H. Referee fees;

I. Travel fees;

J. Miscellaneous team expenses (paper, fax/phone, etc.).

IV. Limitations

A. No permits or licenses are required for fundraising activities within the City of Ithaca or Town of Lansing as long as the total funds raised /distributed are less than $5,000 dollars.

IV. Other Fundraising Activities

A. Teams wishing to raise funds for anything not listed in item III, must receive permission from the Board of Directors.

V. Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited:

A. Establishments that have adult entertainment as their primary business are not to sponsor any team;

B. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted as prizes;

C. Monies raised through fundraising cannot be dispersed to parents.

VI. Approvals and Reporting

A. All requests for fundraising must be submitted to the Board of Directors on the prescribed form at least 1 month prior to the event;

B. A full accounting of each fundraising event is required to be submitted to the Board of Directors on the prescribed form within 1 month of holding or substantially completing the event.

VII. TGHA Sponsors

A. TGHA actively raises funds as an Association. As a result a number of establishments have sponsored the Association as a whole. Teams are not to approach establishments that have sponsored the Association unless approved by the Board of Directors. Visit the TGHA website for a list of TGHA sponsors.


A. All TGHA members are encouraged to participate in TGHA fundraising events; Teams may be asked to reschedule events that conflict with a previously approved TGHA fundraising events.

IX. Reviews

A. All fundraising activities are subject to review by the TGHA;

B. TGHA may review fundraising activities at the request of team parents.

X. Property of TGHA

A. All monies raised through fundraising are the property of the TGHA.

B. TGHA has the right to disperse monies raised through fundraising.

X. Financial transaction procedures

A. Items donated for fundraising events will be donated to TGHA and receipted to the donor by the Treasurer of the TGHA.

B. Funds generated from fundraising will be held by the team designees for the minimum amount of time as possible. As soon as possible, any funds received will be remitted to the Treasurer for deposit in TGHA accounts.

C. Upon request, the treasurer will transmit funds to designated parties or individuals. Request should come from team head coach and managers.

XI. Extended funds

A. Teams are not permitted to carry over funds to the next season without the approval of the Board of Directors.

XII. Liability

A. The TGHA shall not be held liable for any violation of this policy.

XIII. Penalty

A. Any team or member who violates the Fundraising Guidelines may be subject to penalties at the discretion of the Director of Fundraising and the Board of Directors;

B. Fundraising activities may be revoked or suspended at any time at the discretion of the Board of Directors.