Equipment tips


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Do I need to buy hockey gear or can I borrow it?

Once you are registered you can borrow gear from TGHA for free and then return at the end of the season (as the gear is available).

Does my daughter need to wear a mouth guard?

Yes, this is a USA Hockey requirement.  The mouth guard is used primarily as prevention for concussion in hockey and offers protection to her teeth. 

Does my daughter need to wear a neck guard?

We highly recommend a neck guard.  The guard is primarily needed to prevent injury from unwanted hockey skate blades contacting the neck.

How do I get my daughter prepped for practice?

Pre-dress your daughter.  Meaning, put all her gear on, except gloves, helmet and mouth guard prior to arriving.  This will make your time putting on the skates much easier and give you more time to tie the skates.  There will be parents available to show you how to put on the equipment, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Most of the parents have been in the same situation.