IC ASL is an organization that facilitates and promotes communication in American Sign Language in order to help members improve their language skills as well as discusses issues in and aspects of Deaf culture. It is the hope of this organization that we can provide the members with a venue for acquiring, practicing, or teaching American Sign Language, depending on the specific needs and desires of each individual member as well as cultivate an understanding of Deafness and Deaf culture.

Regular Meetings
Members meet a few times on-campus during the semester and focus on one or more of the following tasks:
        -learning ASL
        -practicing ASL
        -teaching ASL
        -understanding Deaf culture
        -understanding Deafness
        -building language knowledge / awareness
        -networking and community-building
On-Campus Events
Silent events throughout the semester may include:
        -ASL movie screenings
        -Silent dinners
        -ASL poetry / songs
        -Silent scavenger hunts
        -Silent games
Off-Campus Events
Events off-campus may include:
        -ASL tutoring
        -Mentoring at DeWitt Middle School
        -Silent chats with native signers