Mission and Goal

Research: The mission of the ITG 5.2.1 section is to connect experts on system architecture and traffic engineering from industry and academia. Regular section meetings are taken place with section members but also invited experts. Related workshop and conferences are supported and organized. 

Teaching: The knowledge on system architecture and traffic engineering is disseminated to researchers and PhD students in summer schools annually organized by the ITG 5.2.1. Resources for lectures and exercises are available for members of this section.

  • Development of new system architectures, networks and protocols
  • Services and service characteristics: Internet applications, cloud services, smartphones apps, enterprise services
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Network and traffic management, congestion control 
  • Traffic and network measurements: on different layers, at different measurement sites, active and passive measurements
  • QoS and QoE monitoring
  • Accounting, Billing and Tariffing
  • Characterization of traffic phenomenon
  • System and traffic modeling
  • Performance analysis and queueing theory
  • Simulation techniques
  • Statistical analysis of measurements and simulation output
  • Dimensioning, planning and optimization of systems