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Section Meetings

Section meetings are typically organized as open workshop for any interested researchers and students in that area. The meetings may be co-located to other events like the summer school.



  • 29.09.2011, TU Hamburg-Harburg, "Sensor and Vehicular Networks", TU Hamburg-Harburg
  • 30.09.2011, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Zukunft der Netze: "Machine-to-Machine-Communications"
  • 31.07.2011, University of Würzburg, "Euroview-Workshops in Würzburg"
  • 27.05.2011, FH Flensburg, "Energy Efficient Communication, Cloud Computing, Virtualisation"
  • 17./18.02.2011, Uni Bremen, FG521 Workshop: "Smart Grid" oder "Energie-Informationsnetze und Systeme" and FG524 Workshop: "Internet of Things" 
  • 06./07.10.2010, University of Stuttgart, FG521 Workshop "Selbstorganisation", 9. Fachtagung "Zukunft der Netze"
  • 22./23.03.2010, TU Hamburg-Harburg, FG521 Workshop: Technik und Grenzen der Virtualisierung
  • 12./13.11.2009, IKR Stuttgart, FG521 Workshop: "Optimierung und Optimierungsverfahren, -algorithmen"
  • 19.03.2009, TU Chemnitz, FG521 Workshop: Network Resource Management