Mailing List. 
The mailing list of ITG 5.2.1 is Itg521@tu-chemnitz.deOnly members of the mailing list can post to the list.
News and information about ITG 5.2.1, next events, section meetings and supported events, as well as newly published resources will be disseminated via the mailing list. The information is also available on the homepage.
How to join the mailing list?

Join ITG 5.2.1. 
Get an active member of ITG 5.2.1 and join the group of experts on system architecture, traffic engineering and performance evaluation. Participate from the knowledge and the experience of the group in research and in academia as well as in teaching. 
How to join ITG 5.2.1 section? Any new members who are actively contributing to the group and regularly attend the section meetings are more than welcome!

Member Mailing List.
An internal mailing list of all ITG 5.2.1 members is available to exchange internal documents and for internal discussions:

Participate in events
How to attend the next section meeting? Section meetings are announced on the web page and via the mailing list. The section meetings typically include a public workshop which is open to anyone. Please register for the corresponding event as announced for that particular section meeting.

Any questions
If you have any questions about ITG 5.2.1, just contact us via