11:10-11:30 - Who gives a Kahoot?
Gina Rogers
Make formative assessment fun with Kahoot!  In this session we will learn how to incorporate the formative assessment system Kahoot into your classroom and collect data regarding student understanding with virtually any device.


What’s new in iOS 8?

Jason Marshall

Come see highlights and features of iOS8. Learn some tips and tricks that you can use in your classroom!

1:10-1:30 - Fall in Love with Google Classroom

Sarah Lalk

Discover the reasons Google Classroom is the workflow solution we have been waiting for.

1:40-2:00 - Bazinga!
Jamie Fath
Formative assessment tools that will rock your world!

2:50-3:10 - 
Adding To with Add-Ons
Lance Lennon
Enhance your Google Docs and Sheets with Add-ons. We will talk about how to install, use, and remove. Lastly, we will go over Autocrat as an example of an Add-On

3:20-3:40 - AR & VR: Your Childhood Sci-Fi is Here at Last
Michelle Cowell
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are gaining momentum.  See some of the best currently available for the classroom and see what new products,like Google Cardboard, may mean for our future.

3:55-4:15 - Chrome Is Where the Heart Is!
Stacy Behmer 
Here are some tips and tricks that can be used with this web browser!  You will love what you can do to let you and your students work more effectively and efficiently.


8:00-8:20 - Classcraft
Seth Denney
Make learning an adventure! Transform your classroom into an immersive game, played with your students throughout the semester or school year.

8:30-8:50 - Create Interactive Videos with TouchCast
Carrie Hillman
Create Interactive Videos with TouchCastVideo and the web are coming together. Experience both like never before with TouchCast- a new medium that looks like video, but feels more like the web. Great for flipping and student productions.

11:00-11:20 - Doing more with Google Maps
Kay Schmalen
Doing more with Google Maps - Google Maps is more than just for finding directions! Create custom and collaborative maps, learn latitude and longitude, and visualize data.

11:30-11:50 - Taking Doctopus one step further with Goobric
Marisa Dahl
Taking Doctopus one step further with GoobricGoobric is an add-on Chrome extension to the script which allows you to grade distributed assignments with a rubric, then store this assessment data in the same spreadsheet you began with.

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