People and Events Directory

The People and Events Directory offers a community where you can connect with other teachers with similar interests and share knowledge and experiences of using iTEC Learning Activities.
Why use the People and Events Directory?
  • Find people and events that can contribute to your teaching and learning activities
  • Be part of a dynamic teacher community
User story:

Introduction to the People and Events Directory: Screencast (YouTube video)
Please note that the tool is in beta state: A few options have no real usability at the moment. That goes for 'Know' and 'Trust' Contributors and 'Like' Events. Also you cannot 'Save' a new registration and return to it later.

Register in the People & Events Directory: You can only register a new contributor or event if you are registered yourself. Click your name in the upper right hand side, and you get the option to register. Or click 'New', then you will see the following box:
Note: Teachers are kindly invited to create a short video (5-10 min.) related to their Teacher Story, or about a favourite technology or Learning Activity. We suggest the video is created using Google+ Hangouts. The link should be shared on the P&E Dir. as an event.