The Composer allows you to create, adapt and share Learning Activities. It also provides you with suggested technologies to use in the delivery of a selected Learning Activity.
Why use the Composer?
  • The tool supports the Edukata design proces and comes in a range of different languages
  • You can find and reuse official iTEC Learning Activities as well as original Learning Activities from various iTEC partners
  • Try browsing for Learning Activities related to 21st century skills (Learning Activities are not subject based)
  • You can create your own Learning Activity and easily connect it with resources - e.g. widgets from the Widget Store
  • You can combine Learning Activities within the Composer to create a Learning Story
User story:

Introduction to the Composer: Screencast (YouTube video)

How to reuse or create a Learning Activity: Screencast (YouTube video)

How to reuse or create a Learning Story: Screencast (YouTube video)

Add resources and technical settings: In the upper right hand corner you can register Resources & Technical settings:
The Composer is full of applications, devices and content to pick from while creating Learning Activities. If you find any missing you are welcome to register new ones yourself. The technical settings can be used for managing the local technical infrastructure. This information will result in a technical feasibility check when a Learning Activity is saved, and feedback is automatically given in the top of the screen:
This feature is a research-driven prototypical functionality and not fully developed.