Do you want to get rid of your maps? Have you ever wanted to give a tour of Paris, France to your students and show it in 3D? This session will overview the power of Google Earth in the classroom. You will learn about the various features of Google Earth that will allow you to harness the power of this incredible application. You will also see examples of how Google Earth can be used in various classroom settings!

This workshop is intended to provide participants with basic skills to train other teachers in the use of Google Earth in the classroom. 

Participants will engage in....

1) a variety of activities to enhance their understanding of Google Earth;
2) instructional methodologies to deliver content to teachers, staff, and students;
3) demonstrate a variety of integration strategies to utilize this software across the curriculum

Stacy Behmer

Technology Consultant, Google Apps Certified Trainer
Grant Wood AEA
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Skype screen name: stacy.behmer
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