Training and Professional Development Services

SUMMER 2020 WORKSHOPS  will be posted soon!  Class sizes are limited! 

The iTeach to Achieve workshops are designed to be productive, relevant, and engaging. Both face-2-face and online training is available. Courses and trainings are based on the client's mission & goals.

The resources and strategies shared in these workshops will:

  • Engage the learner in hands-on, relevant activities.
  • Implement instructional strategies that are user friendly, “time efficient”, and cost effective.
  • Be connected to research based instructional strategies
  • Integrate technology tools & resources.
  • The strategies and resources implemented into the iTeach workshops often include free and available resources and tools.

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iTeach to Achieve, LLC was founded by Becky Berg.  Becky has been developing and teaching both online and live workshops for educators since 1999.  Topics relate to effective math instruction and technology integration. Throughout the years, the hundreds of trainings, workshops and conference sessions have been well receive due to her ability to engage participants in relevant and productive activities. 

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