IT-Capstone Project 

Project Overview 

The NueMD project’s goal will be to develop a set of  scripts to analyze and answer typical operational questions, to optimize the current data set for the scripts, and to produce a professional analysis report with results and written explanations. Originally, we planned to use the R language to accomplish our analysis, however after working with R, we decided to use SSIS, SQL, and Excel Pivot Tables to complete our analysis.

Project Owner overview 

NueMD is Nuesoft Technologies Flagship product. NueMD is notable for being the first Internet-based, platform independent[medical practice management software program. Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. is a health care software as a service (SaaS) company headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, USA. The company develops and sells practice management software for physician practices, university health centers, and medical billing companies. The company operates a wholly owned medical billing clearinghouse and also provides HL7 product integration for EMR/EHR systems, laboratory information systems, medical imaging systems and document management systems.

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