Club Purpose

The primary purpose of the IBM Tampa Bay Retiree Club is to provide opportunities for retired IBM employees to maintain relationships with others who shared their work experience, and to participate in activities which might enhance their retirement years. The type and range of activities will be determined by the membership through the Club's Steering Council and periodic surveys. Activities  including special topic seminars and planned social activities such as golf outings, picnics etc. will be facilitated by the Club.


Other purposes are to provide ongoing information and education about the company  which  may be of interest to the members, and to facilitate retiree participation in IBM community service and volunteer activities in cooperation with the IBM Employee Volunteer Council. Active IBM employees will also be invited and encouraged to participate with retirees in appropriate Club activities. The Retiree Club is a registered Interest Area of the Florida IBM Club.


The IBM Tampa Bay Retiree Club is not an officially sponsored or funded IBM organization. Membership is voluntary, with no annual membership fee. An informal organizational structure will be maintained, with chairpersons assigned to lead specific activities based on interests.