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Tattoo pain HAPPY

Tattoo reportedly originated in ancient times as early as totem worship. Through the history of changes, has gradually become a reflection of sexy and charming fashion.

Modern tattoo popularity in the United States after World War II, a widow had her husband to commemorate their memories of life under the text. This trend in the last century

70 years were re-excavated to drive the trend is one of many film and television, sports stars, to a variety of tattoo designs greatly increased their sexy, so that the public is more fascinated.

So far tattoo craze continues unabated, more and more people enjoy the beauty of this pain and is ready to be carved in their own sexy body.

Tattoo and sadomasochistic
One winter afternoon, an office building in Zhongguancun in the cafe, we Anli Tai Yue culture and arts schools, the Artistic Director of Tai Zhao Xiong spoke about the tattoo. He told reporters that the earliest tattoos originated in primitive totem worship. Hou then people will be carved totem his body, and then drying heat into the soil to fill the wounds caused by scarring, which is the first tattoo.

After the changes of time, tattoos have become the human body a kind of decoration, so as to increase the index of sexy, and even a lot of design itself with sexually suggestive in tone. For example: snake creeping sparked the imagination; lizards have a sense of touch; Yang representative capacity; spiral pattern on behalf of men and women intertwined with the body and so on.

Tattoo is actually a form of sadomasochistic, tattoo pain is inevitable, and many tattoo who would be happy to enjoy this pain. Some large areas of tattoos, Ins and Outs take months to be completed on the tolerance of poor people, is undoubtedly a torture. According to the site of the text is different from the intensity of pain are different, fat, thick, where the relatively better, but like the ankle, chest, thin skin, where they will be hurt.

Stars love mark
Cecilia Cheung year for the affection, deliberately in the text on the right foot calf "CCN" Cecila Cheung Cecilia Cheung English name, Nicolas Tse English name of love patterns. To wield the sword of the tattoo master oge Cecilia Cheung said: "I was impressed with her because she was not the whole tattooing process Jiao Tong Guo, much less tear flow, very few girls can do." Cecilia Cheung love tattoos, whole body from top to bottom are as many as 10, including the left and back, left waist, right foot and left ankle, the really top-down "have a text of a road."

Favorite SM game also like tattoos Angelina Jolie in her most eye-catching multiple tattoos on his left arm that is the dragon-shaped pattern to draw the line above the inscription is the Dragon "Billy Bob", which Her beloved husband was once a sign of Billy Bao Bosong Dayton with her husband's relationship broke down, she reluctantly bite the above will be Natiao Dragon "Billy Bob" removed.

Among the many sports celebrities, David Beckham is an indisputable icon figure, its left arm on a "VII" the word tattoos, Roman numeral seven of his Manchester United team jersey number, which he said the number of superstition . Fortunately, in this sense, however, is both a symbol of loyalty "VII" does not make the final Ruyuan Beckham to stay in Manchester United. Last year, before leaving Manchester United, Beckham has added a new left arm on a Latin phrase: "Utamem Et Foveam", can be translated as "From then on, I would love to treasure."
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