MDI Hired Hands

posted Jul 29, 2016, 9:21 AM by Jeanne Newstrom   [ updated Jul 29, 2016, 11:04 AM ]
MDI Hired Hands held a Grand Opening on July 28 of their facility in Cohasset.  It was well attended and a fun event with music by Blind Joe (see photo), food by Barb’s Korner Kitchen (see photo), and tours.

Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) operates in five communities: Cohasset, Deer River, Grand Rapids, Hibbing, and the Twin Cities.  It is “a manufacturing organization that provides standard and custom packaging solutions, production and fulfillment services, and environmental services for business customers. The organization has operated a successful non-profit social enterprise for over 50 years, providing meaningful job opportunities for individuals with disabilities in an integrated and inclusive business setting, both at MDI and in the community”.  

MDI merged with Deer River Hired Hands  (est 1987) in 2013.   The Deer River facility has become dilapidated and the abandoned Techimar property in Cohasset was purchased.  The building  is huge, in fact there is extra space to lease even though MDI’s  product line is expanding.  The company extrudes plastic and makes various items including the  USA Postal Service plastic trays for the entire country (see photo). 

78 people are employed (see photo).

General Manager Kyle Erickson updated my checklist of recyclables [see it HERE] and the tour was very informative.   Anyone can take paper to the facility for shredding (see photo of shredder).  Directly dropping off recyclable at the Cohasset facility will be available next month (August).

Paper Shredder Machine

Cardboard Baler

Assemble line for sorting; a better photo would be had if the employees were working.  The room had dividers for the various materials.

About the MDI/Deer River Hired Hands merger:

About the move from Deer River to Cohasset: