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Oct 6, 2018


Jan 27, 2018
By Simon Gretton

  • By Britta Arendt Herald-Review

Left to Right: Nick Eltgroth, Vicki Andrews, Bil Schnell, Harry Hutchins, Ross Williams, Simon Gretton, (Art Norton not pictured).

Our Values and the Value of Community Solar


Affordable for Low/Moderate Income:   For the economic benefits of community solar to extend to those in need, the opportunity must exist for people to participate without large upfront costs, and payment plans must be affordable. 


Flexible Subscription Plans:  Subscribers should have the option to pay for their solar shares upfront or monthly (pay-as-you-go).


Cost Consistency & Predictability:  Energy produced by the solar garden should be credited to subscribers’ accounts at a reasonable and assured rate.


Transport Ability:  An owner or lessee’s share of the solar garden constitutes an asset that should move with them within the service area, and which should be eligible for sale if they leave the service area.


Local Economic Development:  Local installers and local materials should be used whenever possible, provided quality and qualifications are consistent.


Environmental Protection:  Solar garden location and construction should minimize adverse effects on natural systems, i.e. by avoiding wetlands or sensitive habitat.


Carbon Reduction:   Community Solar Gardens (CSGs) are beneficial because they help fight climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels.


Available to All in PUC Area:  All those who live in the Grand Rapids PUC area should have opportunities for subscriptions/ownership, development and benefits.


Compensation for RECs:  All CSG participants should either keep or be openly and fairly compensated for the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) produced by their solar subscriptions.


Fair and Transparent Decision Making:  All planning and decision making meetings shall be open to the public and transcripts of meeting minutes made available upon request.