Activist Opportunities:

Your participation is important. Your input is important. You can make a difference.  Here are some ideas:

  • Educate yourself on issues you care about:
  • Borrow books and CDs from Itasca County DFL library,
  • Watch Free Speech TV,
  • Listen to progressive radio.
  • Share your interests and talents with others:
  • Don’t hide your opinions! Speak up; let others know you are a Democrat. Be proud to be a Democrat!
  • Follow and comment on social media as a Democrat,
  • Display DFL promotional items while in public,
  • Find a DFL activity that matches your interests, skills, and time commitments.

Participate in DFL activities:

  • Attend candidate forums, town hall meetings, pizza socials and potlucks, and fundraising events.
  • Donate items and funds to support the party.
  • Staff the office during open hours,
  • Host the pizza social or potluck gathering,
  • Help at the county fair and tabling at community events,
  • Commit to a candidate’s campaign with door knocking and phone calling,
  • Offer to carpool,
  • Take photographs and videos.
  • March in a community parade.
  • Volunteer your time and talents to the party.Be a director and/or officer; be an assistant to an officer,
  • Chair a fundraising committee or be a committee member; develop a donor list,



Who & what is it?
Individuals and/or groups committed to expanding the DFL digital footprint by influencing northern Minnesota to engage as Democrats.
Why is it forming?
Because successful campaigns “should have digital at the heart of everything they do”, and Itasca County DFL has just a few volunteers. 
Where is it?
Individuals and/or groups work from home; the core team meets, as needed, at the DFL office to set goals, assess progress, and obtain/provide technical assistance.
How does it function?
  • Individuals commit to being on the team by contributing at least twice a week (preferably more).
  • Individuals post directly on social media or forward comments, links, "likes", "retweets", images, and videos to a team leader.
  • Individuals and/or groups focus on (1) topics aligned with the DFL platform, and/or focus on (2) government officials.
  • Individuals and groups follow, support, and promote each other with the goal of influencing the largest number of individuals and our elected officials.

Thanks to All the Volunteers That Worked the 
2018 Midterm Elections.

Archived 2018 Election Season:
Increased Staffing at DFL office: we want to be open every day. and from 9 am to 8 pm, through Election Day.  Please sign up.
Shifts: 9 to 1/ 1 to 4/ 4 to 8

Door Knocking: look at the calendar for days.  We have staff to guide you; you will not be alone.

Phone Calling: participate with scheduled phonebanks (look at calendar) or from home.  We have staff to train you and scripts for help.

Letter Writing: put your name on Jackie's list and she will contact you; email: jackie1@mediacombb.net

Event Help: donate snacks, greet people, help clean up.

Distribute Campaign Signs: we have plenty; ask your friends for spaces; find empty locations to utilize.  Pick up and install the signs.