Activist Opportunities:

Your participation is important. Your input is important. You can make a difference.  Here are some ideas:

  • Educate yourself on issues you care about:
  • Borrow books and CDs from Itasca County DFL library,
  • Watch Free Speech TV,
  • Listen to progressive radio.
  • Share your interests and talents with others:
  • Don’t hide your opinions! Speak up; let others know you are a Democrat. Be proud to be a Democrat!
  • Follow and comment on social media as a Democrat,
  • Display DFL promotional items while in public,
  • Find a DFL activity that matches your interests, skills, and time commitments.

Participate in DFL activities:

  • Attend candidate forums, town hall meetings, pizza socials and potlucks, and fundraising events.
  • Donate items and funds to support the party.
  • Staff the office during open hours,
  • Host the pizza social or potluck gathering,
  • Help at the county fair and tabling at community events,
  • Commit to a candidate’s campaign with door knocking and phone calling,
  • Offer to carpool,
  • Take photographs and videos.
  • March in a community parade.
  • Volunteer your time and talents to the party.Be a director and/or officer; be an assistant to an officer,
  • Chair a fundraising committee or be a committee member; develop a donor list,

October 1, 2018

Increased Staffing at DFL office: we want to be open every day through Election Day.  Please sign up.

Door Knocking: look at the calendar for days.  We have staff to guide you; you will not be alone.

Phone Calling: participate with scheduled phonebanks (look at calendar) or from home.  We have staff to train you and scripts for help.

Letter Writing: put your name on Jackie's list and she will contact you; email: jackie1@mediacombb.net

Event Help: donate snacks, greet people, help clean up.

Distribute Campaign Signs: we have plenty; ask your friends for spaces; find empty locations to utilize.  Pick up and install the signs.

CALL 326-6296