The Team

Project Manager Italy
Aurelia Speciale

Aurelia Special teaches English and is a coordinator of all  Comenius projects carried out in our  school.

Project Manager Turkey

Hülya Yolcu 
Hülya Yolcu is an English teacher.She is the contact person of Mümtaz Koru Primary School for the project.

Project Manager Iceland
Marc Portal

Marc is the coordinator for the Icelandic team in this project. He is in charge of teaching English at Stóru-Vogaskóli and he is also leading the school´s participation in Primalingua. Marc was in Martina Franca for the initial meeting for the Italy-Turkie-Ísland project.

Web managers

Helgi Hólm Iceland

Helgi Hólm is a computer teacher at Stóru-Vogaskóli. He has been with the school for 16 years, teaching many subject but for the last 5 years has mainly tought in the computer room. He was on the team that worked on the former Comenius project of the school, which was called The World Around Us. There the partner schools came from Norway, The Czeck Republic, Belgium and England.


Web managers
Ugur Kocak Turkey

Uğur Koçak is a Maths teacher.He is helping to prepare the website of the project.

Web managers
Pina Chirulli    Italy
Pina Chirulli is a teacher at the school "G. Marconi" Martina Franca. She has worked in the school for about 24 years and teaches Italian, computing, history and geography. For 10 years she taught maths. She likes computers  alot and exploring new activities in that field. This year she has been involved in the Comenius project with Turkey and Iceland.
 Other colleagues involved in the project are all dell'interclasse first class.
 Pastore Livianna, Ancona Tiziana,Franchini Antonianna.