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Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant


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Welcome to Nonna Rosa

Indoor & Outdoor Seating Available - TO Go Open From 4PM TO 10PM

We are located in the Foodlion shopping center on Okatie Village drive by Sun City. Please come in and let us show you a wonderful Italian experience. Awarded Best Italian Restaurant AND Best Chef. Our chef is from Naples Italy and he brings his Nonna’s recipes and experience to this area for you to enjoy.

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Our special dishes

Our Chefs Specialities

LE COZZE.............................................................................................................................................................$12

Mussels in a delicious white wine sauce with cherry tomatoes or marinara sauce

Marinara Sauce/White Wine Sauce

CREAMY POMODORO BASIL..........................................................................................................................$6

A delicious blend of heirloom tomatoes and basil that transforms tomato soup from ordinary to extraordinary!

CALAMARI FRITTI........................................................................................................................................$10

Fried calamari seasoned and cooked to perfection, served with our fresh marinara sauce on the side

LE VONGOLE...............................................................................................................................................$12

Little neck clams in a white wine sauce with cherry tomatoes or marinara sauce

Marinara Sauce/White Wine Sauce


Fresh tomatoes Mediterranean green olives and red onions on a bed of fresh spring mix tossed with our chef's white balsamic dressing


Romaine lettuce & delicious croutons tossed with Caesar dressing and shaved Romano cheese (anchovies available upon request, add $1.50)

What we offer Our Great Services

Opened 4 PM - 10 PM

We will go back to normal hours once

the Governor's orders have been lifted.


Special Menus

Ask for our daily specials including the

vegetarian dish of the day.


Carry Out

We also offer carry out. If you live close

by and need us to deliver we wil.


Best Italian Restaurant In Bluffton SC

Whether you want to take a break from homemade meals, create a better environment to talk, or learn some new recipe, among others, eating out at restaurants usually offer the right place for this.

If you’re planning to take the night off the kitchen, visit the Best Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC—Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant. We are everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant in Bluffton because we serve the most delectable and authentic dishes to satisfy your craving.

Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC Presentation

Professional Italian Restaurant In Bluffton SC

Restaurants are a great place to spend some time out with your family or friends, have a business meeting with colleagues or potential partners, or go on a romantic date. We all have our favorites. For a lot of people, they pick Italian restaurants over other cuisines.

If you are looking for a Professional Italian Restaurant in Bluffton, SC, look no further than Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant. We are the go-to Italian restaurant in our community because our patrons know we serve only the best.

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

Provides A Unique Communication Platform

At home, there are usually a lot of activities that various members of the family are engaged in just before mealtime, whether it is studying, sleeping, or watching a movie. Therefore, when it is time to eat with the rest of the family, they usually do so as fast as they can to resume what they were doing. It is not particularly ideal for having general conversations over meals since everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. However, when you dine out, you have the opportunity to focus on the food and the people you are with since it is the only reason you are there. It allows you to have meaningful conversations with others and create memorable moments.

Your favorite restaurant provides this ambiance, as well as a sense of familiarity, so you can eat your dinner comfortably.

Offers Convenience

As much as a considerable number of people like homemade food, not everyone likes cooking. Even the ones that do usually deserve a break once in a while to rest and taste something different prepared by someone else. Not only does this give them a chance to sleep, but it can also serve as a learning experience where one can pick up new recipes.

Therefore, dining out presents a convenient way of having meals, especially if a variety of restaurants surrounds you. In as much as it is generally cheaper to prepare your meals, dining out is always a welcome treat that can help to break the monotony.

Health Benefits

Health studies that have linked dining out to increase in obesity and other health complications have motivated many restaurants to offer better and healthier food options. Many countries have compelled restaurant owners to indicate the nutrient component and calorie intake of various menu items. It helps visitors to know what they are consuming and the expected results, thereby enabling them to make informed food choices.

Best Genuine Italian Restaurant

It is easy to pick an Italian restaurant that offers healthy food, especially if you want to watch your calorie levels. However, these restaurants' menu can contain grains coated with a creamy sauce that is high in fats, calories, and so on. You need to combine with some physical activity to burn calories if you love junk food.

The good thing about authentic Italian food in Okatie, SC is that they try to incorporate healthy ingredients in their delicacies to have healthier nutrition. Do you need a healthy diet? Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, the best Italian Restaurant in Okatie, SC, has all the right stuff for your hungry stomach!

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC

Italy is among the healthiest nations to live in according to many studies. Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, the Best Italian Restaurant in Okatie SC, offers nutritious dishes and includes natural products like tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, nuts, which aids in weight loss, thus, preventing high blood pressure, heart diseases, and so on.

At Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, we look beyond and forward to deliver clean, life-changing, and delicious food. Want to unlock the potential of food? Contact us for carryout and home delivery!

Contact Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant At (843)707-1750!

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

198 Okatie Village, Drive Suite 105, Okatie, SC 29909


Healthy Cuisines To Consider

1.Best Pasta And Grains

Italian cuisine majorly consists of pasta and grains; therefore, it is crucial to include it in your diet. Healthy pasta should come from whole wheat containing 6 grams of fiber in every cup. There are numerous healthy pasta alternatives like Farro, which is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

2. Choosing Nutritious Sauces

Reliable Italian restaurants will never add the excess sauce in their dishes. The food needs to be fresh, with some bit of sauce and served in portions. Cream sauces taste great, but they have high levels of cholesterol and fat, hence the need to take them in moderation. You can consider red sauces as an option, with tomato being the best lycopene source. Also, flavorings from veggies, garlic, and herbs offer great nutritional value.

3. Best Italian Desserts

If you are a health-conscious person, you wouldn't love desserts like tiramisu, with each piece containing about 600 calories and 45 grams of fat. Another dessert is panna cotta, which still has high calories like tiramisu. Alternatively, consider zabaglione, which is a custard-based dessert. It is a mixture of eggs, sugar, and wine and has 100 calories, which is a considerable amount compared to others. Also, it has 4 grams of fat per serving, enough for one person.

4. Selecting Best Pastries

Italian pastry restaurants offer tasty dishes that are a must-try. The small-sized Italian cookies are safe for your health, provided you eat sparingly. An example is a biscotti made of butter or oil, and it has 50 calories making it a healthier option. Another one is cannoli, which has a sweet and creamy filling, but with 250 calories, which is high. You have to be more careful while taking it since it also has a deep-fried shell and 5 grams of fat.

5. Choosing Best Frozen Treats

Gelato is a delicacy known worldwide, and you can't miss it while on your Italy culinary tour. It is a creamy and healthy treat made of whole milk. You can't compare it with the traditional ice cream since it contains around 70% less fat. Healthy elements added to the ice cream include; water, fruit, and sugar, meaning they have no fat but 100 calories in each serving.

Family-Owned Italian Restaurant In Okatie SC

Many people understand and appreciate the importance of finding a proper diet and developing a sustainable routine for maintaining their diet. A proper diet leaves people healthy, happy, and energized. However, there doesn't exist a single food referred to as the 'perfect diet'.

People are all unique in various ways and, consequently, have many nutritional requirements that will specifically work for them. Therefore, the best way of coming up with a perfect diet is by listening to your body and choosing food items that make you feel good. Thus, the focus shifts from calories, carbs, or fat to food quality. Depending on your body requirement and food choice, you should strive to eat the best quality of the food choice that you have taken. For quality food, visit us or contact us today!

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Qualities Of Good Food

Discussed are some of the factors that you should consider while looking for high-quality food:

1. Minimal Level Of Processing

To achieve a proper diet with high-quality food content, you should be on the lookout for fresh produce. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, beans, and seeds, among others. These are generally easier to digest and usually tend to be free of chemical additives and artificial ingredients. However, finding such kind of food may not be easy for most people. Luckily, a visit to any family-owned Italian Restaurant Okatie, SC, will leave you satisfied by providing a one-stop-shop for all these food items.

2. Should Be Organic

There isn't spraying of organic produce with chemicals or any pesticides. They usually have no artificial additives and no genetic modification of the items. Therefore, should you be presented with a choice between organic and GMO food, you should be sure to go with the natural selection. Not only do biological organisms give you a better nutrient component, but they also prevent you from acquiring diseases, as is the case with many GMO food products.

3. Go Local

Local produce usually proves to be much healthier than other fruit, which are shipped from other countries. It is generally because many imported foods are typically picked before they are ripe and then delivered several days or even weeks after. It usually leads to a loss in the level of nutrient components of such food items. It is also important to note that the longer the food items stay in after being cut off from their source of life, the fewer nutrients they will have. Therefore, the use of imported foodstuff from countries that are even farther from your location is generally not a good idea.

The Best Family-Owned Italian Restaurant In Bluffton SC

Food is one of the fundamental components of human life that promotes sustenance and development from one stage to the next. However, food consumption monitoring is to avoid ingesting harmful food products that can lead to various health complications. For this reason, it is essential to strive to consume high-quality food products regularly.

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, the best family-owned Italian Restaurant Okatie, SC guarantees that we use only high-quality food products that are easily accessible to everyone. Get in touch with us today for all your quality food!

Contact Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant At (843)707-1750!

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

198 Okatie Village, Drive Suite 105, Okatie, SC 29909


Authentic Italian Cuisine in Bluffton SC

Well-prepared, mouthwatering foods are tantalizing, and everyone would love to try them. It is especially true for Italian food that attracts not only tourists but also locals worldwide. No wonder Italian eateries are sprouting worldwide, even in remote villages. As for Italians, you are much closer to the best-prepared food that will always quench your craving and hunger pangs.

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is a favorite Italian Restaurant in Okatie, SC. We are awarded the Best Italian Restaurant and Best Chef.

The Mouthwatering Italian Cuisines You Need To Taste

    1. Pasta Carbonara

This basic Roman pasta dish gets its name from 'carbon' which means coal. It was a pasta mainstream with the coal diggers. The first recipe calls for guanciale, which is pig's cheek; however, since it's not easy to get your hands on them, the gourmet specialist has opted to use bacon instead.

    1. Margherita Pizza

Extravagant piping hot pizza from the oven? Margherita pizza is the genuine Italian banner. It's one of the cherished Italian dishes. It is simple to make and is incredibly delicious.

Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC Links

The Best Local Italian Restaurant Bluffton SC

Real food refers to the whole, single-ingredient food items. It comprises unprocessed foodstuff, rich in nutrients and free of chemical additives. It is the type of food that human beings primarily ate for thousands of years. However, with the onset of processed foods in the 20th century, most people have shifted towards consuming such ready-to-eat alternatives as opposed to real food. Such processed foods usually offer convenience, which is one of the main reasons why they are appealing to most people. However, they pose serious health risks to individuals who consume them, especially those that do regularly.

It’s a good thing that Italian cuisine is one of the few cultures in the world which still offer some form of real food. Do you need real food? Visit Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant for all of your Italian dishes today!

Why You Need Real Food

Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should eat such real food.

1. Packed With Important Nutrients

Unprocessed plant and animal food usually provide the minerals and vitamins that you need for maintaining good health. For instance, using broccoli, bell peppers, or orange slices contain high vitamin content, whereas the liver and eggs have a top choline component, which improves brain function. Therefore, paying a visit to an authentic Italian Restaurant Okatie SC helps you to get access to some of these dishes which work together to promote your overall health and well-being. They provide you with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are beneficial for your health.

2. Low Sugar-Content

According to research, consumption of sugary foods increases your risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, obesity, and fatty liver disease. Real food has lower sugar content as compared to other processed ones. Fruits, for example, may have some sugar component, but they are also composed of high levels of fiber and water, which makes them healthier than, say soda or other processed foods.

3. Develops A Strong Heart

Real food is usually rich in antioxidants such as olive oil and other nutrients, which are vital for promoting a healthy heart. Consuming a nutritious, healthy diet composed of unprocessed foods helps in reducing inflammations, which is a significant cause of heart complications.

4. Conserves The Environment

With the increased growth in the world population, there is an increased demand for food. However, the production of food for this increasing number of people leads to a lot of products which have an environmental consequence. Some of the ecological impacts include deforestation for agricultural purposes, the use of pesticides, greenhouse gases, and increased need for fuel, among others. Therefore, the development of sustainable agriculture based on real food can help to improve the planet's health by reducing energy needs.

Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC KWs

Italian Food Menu in Okatie SC

Italian food forms an integral portion of the Mediterranean diet and always provides a significant part of a healthy, balanced diet. Not only does eating a balanced diet provide proper nutrition, but it also brings with it improved overall health and lowered risk of contracting a chronic disease. Italian food usually makes use of olive oil, fresh vegetables, and grains, all of which contribute to having a healthy, balanced diet.

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant in Bluffton SC. We guarantee that we only use the freshest ingredients to deliver the best Italian gastronomic experience every single time.

Why You Should Try Italian Cuisine

Italian food usually offers a lot of health benefits for your family, some of which are as below:

1. High Fiber Content

Italian menus are composed of staples such as grains and vegetables, which are very rich in fiber. Fiber is known for regulating the digestive system, lowering cholesterol, and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

2. Improves Heart Condition

Most authentic Italian meals are usually composed of olive oil, which is an excellent form of oil. It is a mono-unsaturated fat that comprises omega fatty acids. The olive oil helps in reducing joint inflammations, helps in fighting diseases, and generally protects your heart.

3. Helps In Managing Weight

Most of the best Italian dishes served in various Restaurants in Bluffton are made from fresh vegetables such as leafy greens, tomatoes, and onions. These vegetables are usually low in calorie content but have very high nutritional value. Such ingredients increase vitamin intake while helping to maintain your ideal weight.

4. Potentially Increases Your Lifespan

Most Italian dishes are made using fresh, natural ingredients alongside healthy fats—these components lower the risk of acquiring cancer, inflammatory diseases, heart diseases, and many more. Therefore, by enjoying Italian cuisines, you may just be increasing your lifespan as well in the process.

5. Offers A Lot of Garlic

Garlic usually offers a lot of benefits ranging from antibiotic to antifungal, whether the garlic is crushed or chopped. Most Italian dishes use garlic as a primary ingredient. Scientifically, this has shown to reduce the risk of colon, breast, throat, and stomach cancers. Moreover, garlic has shown some heart protection properties.

6. Rich Source Of Protein

A majority of Italian dishes are of fish and white meat, which are naturally healthier. Both options are rich sources of protein and have low-fat levels as compared to red meat. Fish is also a rich source of minerals and fatty acids, which is necessary for people's overall well-being. By using white meat, Italian dishes offer protein, minerals, and vitamins in every portion.

Italian Restaurant Menu in Okatie SC

Italian cuisine provides a lot of benefits to human beings. Therefore, you should not hesitate to visit the best Italian restaurant in Bluffton, SC-Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant. Experience some of its renowned delectable Italian food as you have quality time with your friends and family. With Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, you will never go wrong with the food. Their recipes never disappoint in flavor!

Contact Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant At (843)707-1750!

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

198 Okatie Village, Drive Suite 105, Okatie, SC 29909


People Also Ask

What Is Italy's Favorite food?

Popular Italian dishes include antipasti misti, a wide range of pasta, risotto and pizza, soups (minestroni and zuppe), and delightful meat and fish dishes.

What Are Some Italian Snacks?

Here are some of the delicious Italian snacks:

1. Ciambelle

2. Gelato

3. Pizza con patate

4. Focaccia

5. Panini con tahini

Why Is Italian Food Good?

Italian foods are right for the heart. Fish and olive oil are two fundamental ingredients in Italian cooking. Solid, unsaturated fats, healthy cholesterol, and omega-3 are essential for keeping up a solid heart.

How To Choose A Good Restaurant

Want to dine out but don’t know where you should go? Here are some things you should consider:

Serves Quality Dishes

The type and quality of food served at a restaurant are one of the main determinants of whether you are going to have a good time at a restaurant or not. Luckily, many excellent restaurants, such as the Nonna Rosa_Italian Restaurant in Bluffton, strive to prepare and serve the very best of quality food. The high standards set by consistently providing quality services usually helps to create a good reputation which often causes customers to keep coming back for more. Typically, an excellent restaurant will have a qualified and experienced chef who will be the guardian of both the menu and the quality of the food served to the customers.

Good Dining Experience

Other than the food served, an excellent restaurant will offer you a unique overall experience. The restaurant is clean and provides customer-centric services. The waiting staff are trained to always be courteous and maintain the right working attitude. Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge of the various types of drinks, dishes, and cuisines available to help customers in making their orders.

Restaurant Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a fundamental rule for a restaurant. It is a major deciding factor for most people. Nobody wants to eat in a spot that is messy and dirty. Keeping the space clean isn't something the administration can trifle with, as it can have great results. Neatness will help prevent any potential issues. It will also leave a good impression on our guests. All areas of the restaurant must be kept clean, and this includes the front and back of the restaurant, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

Reasonable Prices

Price is one of the most important aspects to consider when visiting a restaurant alongside other factors. Most customers view the prices offered by the restaurant as a reflection of the type and quality of food, quality of service, and the overall ambiance that the restaurant will offer. People are not likely to complain if the services rendered are equal to the cost charged. For this reason, many good restaurants will generally have higher prices compared to average ones.