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Signora Eagelton's Philosophy on Language Education:
Everyone can learn a language if they have the appropriate tools. Those tools include dedication, patience, effort, and resources.


Notizie (News):

Livello 1: 3rd MP Quarterly Exam will be on Friday, March 27th (A) and Monday, March 30 (B). Topics on the exam are: Counting 1-100, telling time, telling on time/late/early, conjugating venire, uscire, and fare, expressions that use fare, La Vita E Bella, Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday) and Occasions and Events vocab.

Livello 2: 3rd MP Quarterly Exam will be on March 30 or 31 (whichever is the A Day). Topics include present tense, passato prossimo, food, restaurant vocab, Pinocchio.

                  ITALY TRIP SPRING BREAK 2016!! Woohoo!
Chaperones: Mrs. Eagelton, Mrs. PC, Mr. Canning
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Cities: Rome, Florence, Pompeii/Herculaneum, Siena
Approximate Cost: $4,000
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Check out the interactive Google map below! Use Google Street View to take a passeggiata down the streets of Italia!

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