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Publication charges are USD 99 Visit Lowest Publication Charges   and Discount facility. 


Author's Guidelines


Your submission should include Name of Journal, Title, Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Research Highlights, Limitation, Acknowledgement, Funding and Policy aspects, and References.  

Inside text, references can be expressed as (Author surname, year) e.g. (Coughlin et al., 2017)

In the list References can be expressed as e.g.-

Coughlin W., 2017. Title of article. Name of Journal Vol(Series), Pages.

Please visit below sample Photon Journal article for format and reference style-

Mimimization of Real power loss by Improved Multi Colony Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Authors should submit their manuscripts at photonjournal@yahoo.com


Research Articles may be retracted for scientific or ethical reasons. Articles that contain erroneous data and or false credit/ reporting will be retracted.

Manuscript Review 

All manuscripts, will be subjected to peer review. The name of a reviewer will not be disclosed to an author. It takes 10 days and will be published with in month. 

Manuscript Length

Manuscripts are limited to maximum 6000 words or lesser. This includes the text, references, author names, biographical sketches, tables, and figure legends. 


The transfer of copyright gives European Journal of Helminthology the right to develop, promote, distribute, sell, and archive a body of scientific works throughout the world. The Author hereby grants and assigns to European Journal of Helminthology all rights in and to Author’s work in and contributions to the Work. In connection with this assignment, the Author acknowledges that European Journal of Helminthology will have the right to print, publish, create derivative works, and sell the Work throughout the world, all rights in and to all revisions or versions or subsequent editions of the Work in all languages and media throughout the world. The author(s), reserve the proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights,

Publication Fee

You need to pay only USD 49 as publication fee for research article, Theses  publication,  eBook chapter, eBook, paper presentation in conference/ seminar/ workshop.                                                           

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Discount facility 

Discount facility is available if you submit more than one manuscript at once. Research papers submitted in a bunch will enjoy discount facilities. If you have already submitted research paper, then another papers should be submitted with in month, from the date of submitting first manuscript. 


For 2 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second accepted submissions.  

For 3 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second and third accepted submissions.

For 4 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second, third and fourth accepted submissions.

For 5 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second, third fourth and fifth accepted submissions.

Submissions include Helminthology Thesis, 
Molecular Biology and 

Genetics Photon Books, Helminthology Photon Book chapter and research articles on Helminthology Photon. Discount is available on Helminthology Photon Thesis, Helminthology Photon Books, Helminthology Photon Book chapter and Helminthology Photon research articles, Certificate Program in Helminthology Photon, Paper presentation in Conference/ Workshop/ Seminar (Webinar) on Helminthology Photon. This submission and discount also includes files from your colleagues, co-authors, friends, research students or recommended nominee. 

Authors can also publish their Master's and Post Doc/ PhD Thesis at International Library for Thesis. Publication cost- Refer above table. It will become online across the world for free download. 

You can also publish single book chapter on any subject 

You can also publish a complete book on any subject 


If within next 30 days you submit anything as above and everything for publication, it will enjoy 50% discount.

Your thesis (PG/ PhD/ Post Doc/ others) for international publication at International Library for Thesis, eBook Chapter on any subject eBook on any subject
Research article/ review/ case report on any subject
Not only this, during these 30 days period your every submission will enjoy 50% discount.

Not only this, To enjoy 50% discount, you can pay in advance, during these 30 days and can submit your upcoming files even after 30 days within specified timeline set up by you.



Authors are invited to Publish and get printed their Books on Helminthology (Hardcover books, also known as hardback or hardbound books / paperback ).

You can also publish only few eBook Chapters on Helminthology Submit at: photonjournal@yahoo.com 

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Publish your Theses (Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate, Post Doctorate Thesis)

on Helminthology  and related areas at our international platformphotonjournal@yahoo.com Your submission can be in any language. It will be highly acknowledged at our international platform. Submit at: photonjournal@yahoo.com 

How much time it will take to get my thesis/ Dissertations published? 

Your thesis and/ Dissertations will be published instantly for free international download. 

Why should I publish my Thesis?

It protects your data and research findings. You earn reputation in your field. Industries, Companies, Colleges, Universities, Research supervisors, Research students can contact you over your published Thesis at International Library for Thesis. International Library for Thesis is world's largest resource for Theses. You can also sell your thesis as book and earn royalty on every sales.

How can I sell my thesis on International Library for Thesis?

It will be published as book/ Thesis. It will be marketed and made available for sale. You can earn royalty (50% to 90%) on every sales as per provided options. The money is directly deposited into your bank account. You can also put your thesis available for free access in larger public interest. Individual photographs, data and tables can also be sold and you can avail royalty on every sales. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com


International Library for Thesis acknowledges Global Co-operation of Government Ministries of Education, Universities, Colleges, Faculties, Research Supervisor, and research students for World's largest Theses Resource.


Apply to join Editorial Board, and as Reviewers at: photonjournal@yahoo.com


Language is no bar for publication at European Journal of Helminthology . Your submission can be in any language.




Applications are invited for Certificate Program-2017 in Helminthology , authorized by European Journal of Helminthology

Qualification: Applicants must have published at least 2 research articles in peer reviewed international journals 
/ Patents, can enrol for the certificate program.Duration & Structure of the Program: One month. The Candidates will be required to submit a review article on current trends and scope in the subject area at photonjournal@yahoo.com for publication at European Journal of Helminthology .

Certificate Program is designed to cater Grade Promotion, recruitment, Funding, Tenure Extension, Fellowship, admission and appointments. Applicants should submit 2 scientific contributions, published at any International Journal of repute / Patents to : photonjournal@yahoo.com  as attachment to qualify for Certificate ProgramParticipants will be recognized as Resource Person/ Recognized Expert in concerned field/ Techniques. Teaching Faculties and Scientists can also enrol for Refresher Course. Candidates can enroll for the program through out year and will be awarded the certificate with in week. The last date is 31 December, 2017. 



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Participants can join the Conference (Webinar) each month on related contents. Submit your Paper / Abstracts to present at Webinar before the end of each month at: photonjournal@yahoo.com  as attachment. Faculty and research students can present the papers. The participants will be recognized with Certificates for paper presentation. The conference covers all aspects of subject. Papers are also acceptable as co-authors. Length of the paper should be below 500 words. More than one paper can also be presented. 

International Conference on Helminthology is organized on15 January, 15 February, 15 March, 15 April, 15 May, 15 June, 15 July, 15 August, 15 September, 15 October, 15 November, 15 December- 2017

To Present your published/ unpublished paper, Register at photonjournal@yahoo.com with abstract of paper/ research article/ case report/ review. Students and Faculty (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer) can also register for online Poster Presentation on Helminthology You need to submit your presentation slides and paper as attachment to photonjournal@yahoo.com 

Register at photonjournal@yahoo.com

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How to Publish Your Theses at International Library for Thesis?

Submit your Thesis and Dissertations for International Access at 


You should send Master’s thesis, Doctoral Thesis/ Dissertation as pdf file attachment to  


Your thesis and/ Dissertations will be published instantly for free international download. 

Yes, even it can be of any year / quite old. You can submit it for publication. Your Thesis will become visible and discover-able at international level for access and download. Your Thesis will help people to recognize you and cite your research work in their research articles and thesis. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

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Yes, you can do it. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

Yes, you should submit it. We will automatically publish it in most suitable category. Your thesis can be on any subject.

You should scan it as pdf file and submit us. If your Thesis / Dissertation is large in size, you can send it in parts/ fractions.  Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

Yes, it will be published at international level for free access and download. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

What is Helminthology? 

Helminthology is the study of parasitic worms (helminths), while helminthiasis describes the medical condition of being infected with helminths. Helminthology deals with the study of the taxonomy of helminth and the effect on their hosts.

Zoology contains many branches including 

Anthropology Anthrozoology Apiology Arachnology Arthropodology Batrachology Cetology

Coleopterology Conchology Entomology Ethology Helminthology Herpetology Ichthyology

Lepidopterology Malacology (Teuthology) Mammalogy Myrmecology Nematology Neuroethology

Ornithology Paleozoology Planktology Primatology Zooarchaeology Zoosemiotics

I have a research paper on Helminthology  how and where can I publish it?

You can submit it at European Journal of Helminthology at 


You can download from  European Journal of Helminthology

You can publish Helminthology  books at Photon eBooks at photonjournal@yahoo.com 

How can I publish my Ph.D Thesis on Helminthology  at International Library for Thesis International Library for Thesis? Can I also publish my Post Graduate Thesis on International Library for Thesis?

You should send your Thesis as pdf file to photonjournal@yahoo.com

Your thesis can be of any year.  Yes, you can publish your  Post Graduate Thesis also. 

Webinar are organized on 15th of every month every year.  You should submit tittle and abstract of your research 

paper and register yourself for online international conference on Helminthology  (Webinar) at photonjournal@yahoo.com 

I am publishing a book on Helminthology . I want Universal Book Number (UBN) for my books. How can I buy Universal Book Number (UBN)?

You can buy it from  ubnenquiry@gmail.com at Universal Agency for Book NumberUBN is a unique identification number for a book. UBN is must for every book for publication, distribution and marketing. Without UBN a book 

can not be legitimately distributed, marketed or published. 

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