La Fortunata Isabella

“The Fortunate Isabella”

A scenario by Flaminio Scala and the Gelosi troupe, published in A.D. 1611 and translated into English by Talia Felix in A.D. 2004


Once upon a time in Genoa, a fellow named Cinthio, who was well born and well off despite being left without a father or mother, lived with a single sister who was endowed with great beauty and virtuous manners. It happened that the brother (who had no desire other than to create a good match for her) became friends with a certain Captain, who desired nothing more than the chance to marry the aforesaid sister; 

The brother discussed this carefully with his sister, who revealed a mind in tune with the wishes of the Captain. Thus, a spoken agreement was made that they would marry. Immediately after this the Captain said that he had to go to Naples for some very important business, although he promised that he would return shortly to marry Isabella, as was the name of the young lady.

But, after staying in Naples for the length of three years, and no longer remembering the promise he made, the brother was prompted to begin making a new and more agreeable match for his sister. She, learning of his intent, let loose saying that no other husband was wanted; but the urgings of her brother came in a continuous wave, which finally made her decide to leave her hometown, disguised as a servant, and go along with her own servant to Rome, where she hoped to find the Captain, who was now trying to find himself a new fiancée. And in such manner, to Rome she went, only for the purpose of reaming the Captain over his lack of fidelity; when he was found, she spoke her mind to him and then, after various misadventures, found herself married to another person, much to the satisfaction of her brother.


ISABELLA, in habit of a servant

BURATTINO, her servant


ARLECCHINO, his servant

CINTHIO, brother of Isabella

PANTALONE, a Venetian

FLAMINIA, his daughter

GRAZIANO, a Doctor

ORAZIO and FLAVIO, his sons

PEDROLINO, an innkeeper


Location: Rome

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