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For a breakdown per chapter of all the assignments and points please click here.

Homework will have a value of 80 points.
Workbook and Lab Manual exercises are designed to enhance and reinforce the information studied in each chapter; they will give you the necessary practice of vocabulary and grammatical structures along with essential practice and evaluation of your reading and listening comprehension. Workbook and Lab Manual are in the SUPERSITE WEBSAM tab. For optimal benefits, spend at least 30 minutes on SUPERSITE per day. It is student’s responsibility to keep up with the class. After completing each activity, press ‘submit’. You have 5 chances (unless it is an open ended activity or a true/false, in these cases only one). All assigned unit activities must be completed on SUPERSITE by the due date to receive full credit. If you are late you can still complete the activity but each day over the deadline a 5% penalty will be automatically calculated in your score.

Participation will have a value of 130 points.
Since Italian is a course that requires participation in order to fulfill the objectives of the course, your active participation is mandatory. To be successful, you must:
Login to Bb & SUPERSITE at least 4 times/week to engage in learning activities

Record mini-conversations or speaking assignments by due dates

Submit written assignments, quizzes & tests by all of submission deadlines listed

Complete the Practice part for the unit in the SUPERSITE PRACTICE tab

Failure to participate in the above listed activities will affect your participation grade. If a student doesn’t login to participate for over a week, it is the same as being a “no show” at an on-campus class and the student may be dropped. To assign grades for participation, your instructor may check any of the following: when you logged into Bb & Supersite, how long you were on, where you clicked, what work was completed, and how long it took you to complete it. Logins to check your grades, or leaving the site open and idle will not count as participation in the class.

Class Format:
Students should be prepared to spend at least 12 hours per week on this course, which is equivalent to 4.2 hours in class and 8 hours outside of class. One half unit will be covered every two weeks. Each unit students will: read the textbook and other readings; view tutorials and complete homework assignments; participate actively in class discussions; write blogs; record speaking assignments; take quizzes & tests, watch 2 Italian movies (more info will be posted in Blackboard). All due dates are on a Friday and are listed in RED on Blackboard.

Quizzes, Exams, Final Speaking & Written Exams will have a value of 650 points.
The quizzes are on Blackboard at the end of the list of activities to complete each chapter. Quizzes count toward your participation grade. Be sure you are prepared for them before you click to open because once you do, you must complete it. If the quiz is left idling, it will time-out and lock you out. The midterm and final must be taken at the Academic Proctoring Center on one of the days listed on Blackboard (or at a proctoring center near you). No make-ups will be given. You will also take a 5 minute speaking exam at the midterm and one at the end of the semester to showcase what you have learned. If the speaking exams involve a conversation with me and you are unable to take it in person, you must have a webcam to take the test on Collaborate or Skype. Details will be posted after the midterm. Students who do not receive a passing average on the final written and speaking exam, cannot pass the class. There is zero tolerance for cheating and plagiarism. Penalties range from an “F” on a test to expulsion from class (outlined in MiraCosta’s student disciplinary action guidelines).
I don’t allow any use of online translator websites!

Blog & Voice Recordings will have a value of 140 points.
The Blogs are to be typed being mindful of punctuation and accents (see video for more info about accents). The blog instructions and grading rubric will be posted on the “Blog” on Blackboard. Both the Blogs and the topics of the recorded voice activities are meant to help you to synthesize the vocabulary, grammar structures and topics covered in the chapter and to really communicate in the language. Review yours and other people’s blogs and voice activity contributions to review for tests. Everything in this course builds on itself and is meant to prepare you for the next step including the written portions of the midterm and final and the topics that will be on your final speaking exam. [Voice recordings will be completed on Blackboard or Voicethread.]

The following scale will be used to calculate your final grade:

A 90.0 – 100% D 60.0 - 69.9%
B 80.0 - 89.9% F 59.9% or less
C 70.0 - 79.9% Cr 73.0% or more
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