Extra Credit


Negozio di alimentari (grocery shop), Siena

Students can earn up to 30 points of extra credit by attending departmental-sponsored activities, such as: International Film Festival and other additional assignments. But other than that I’m extremely open to all ideas you may have about extra-credit. Of course, the basic requirement is that extra-credit work must involve speaking or listening to a decent amount of Italian. Here are some ideas:

1. Watch a movie in Italian. The student has to show me that he/she watched a movie in Italian. This counts for 5 points. If you write an essay about the movie, you can earn a total of 10 points

2. Make a very short film. Film an advertisement, sketch, short film, etc. entirely in Italian. I won’t set specific time and format requirements, but each person involved needs to have significant screen time in Italian to receive credit (so no extra-credit for cameraman or for simply being on the screen, you need to be on the screen, unless you are the narrator, and talking in Italian)

3. Sing a song. You can record a video of yourself singing a song in Italian. I know that singing in public is pretty courageous so you can receive up to 10 points to do it.

I’m open to other ideas for extra-credit. If something pops into your head, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.