About Me

My name is Andrea and... I am a man. I am sure some of you expected me to be a woman, but...I am not. In Italy Andrea is a male name, and a very very popular one. You probably know the famous singer Andrea Bocelli. I was born in Italy in a city called Trieste. It is located in the North East of the country, right on the border with Slovenia, one of the newborn ex-Yugoslavian republics. Trieste is only one hour and a half from Venice, two hours from Austria, four hours from Germany, three hours from Hungary, only ten minutes from Slovenia and 40 minutes from Croatia. Despite being very close to all these different cultures, Trieste is very strongly Italian, even if the heritage of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire still shows in its architecture and food. I studied at the University of Trieste where I got my BA in Contemporary History and then I carried on my studies in languages with a Masters at the University of Granada (Spain) focused on Teaching and Learning Spanish as a Second Language, and another one at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, in Interpretation and Production of Writing.

I came to California in 2005, kidnapped by a beautiful American girl, called Carolina, who I met in my hometown. I started to teach Italian almost immediately at Saddleback College. I have been teaching at MiraCosta College since 2008. In February 2010 my wife gave me a beautiful daughter Ana Sofia who is now the focus of our lives. We live in Encinitas. In my free time, other than spending time with my family, I love to read, cook, and to play beach volleyball and soccer.