WELCOME to Italian 101 Online!

  Our class is organized into bi-weekly chapter units that will be accessible in the left menu in Blackboard. But before starting, we will begin with a list of frequently asked questions where you can probably find an answer to all your doubts. I regrouped the questions for big topics, but you can definitely go ahead and use the "Search this site" feature at the top of this page if you need to look for something specific in this syllabus.
  I communicate with the class via email messages on "Announcement" (left menu in Blackboard), or by direct e-mails via Blackboard. My messages will be emailed directly to you to facilitate clear communication throughout your learning experience. Once you are enrolled, if you have a general question about the course, I invite you to use the "Q & A" forum (left menu in Blackboard) to ask a question or to see if it has already been asked and answered either by me or by one of your classmates.
  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!
  Other than Blackboard, in this class we will be using MAESTRO & Voicethread. More details about Voicethread will come during our first voice assignment.
The first day of class, students will take a survey with many questions about this syllabus to certify their presence. Students will be able to enter the survey multiple times.

Siena, Palazzo Pubblico

Frequently Asked Question - Before enrolling

What should I do if this is my first online class at MiraCosta?

You can take this quiz to see if you potentially are a good online student. Then take a look at these 'tips' for taking online classes.

I cannot enroll because the class is full but the system put me in waiting list. What can I do?

MiraCosta has a great system. Students that are first in waiting list automatically enter the class if someone drop. However, I will try to give as many codes as I can to make room also for students that are wait listed. If this is the case, you will receive a code for me that will allow you to enroll even if the class is full. In any case you have to be in the waiting list in order to get the code. For more information on how waiting list works, please click here.

I am a high school student so I cannot enroll when the class becomes available. What can I do in order to get in?

Send me an e-mail and I will send you a code you can use when you are cleared to enroll.

When does the class start?

The class officially starts Monday August 20th, but the course will be available in Blackboard one week before so that students enrolled can get familiar with the course design and with the tools.

How much do I need to study for this course?

In a 16 weeks course you should study 15 hours per week.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Course

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Yes, we will use Sentieri. Check the page of this syllabus about Course Materials. It is recommended that you get the bundle from the link, because it will give you the digital textbook and also a printed copy. The printed copy is not absolutely necessary (but some students like to study on paper even if it is an online class). The digital version is mandatory because it allows you to access to audio material necessary to develop listening and speaking skills.

Do I need anything else other than the textbook?

You need a microphone and, if you decide to take the final via Skype, you need a webcam that work with your computer. You also need a computer that meets minimum requirements. Check also the page Required Material to be sure you have everything you need.

Do I need to watch lectures live?

No, you watch lectures and complete the material at your leisure but you have to complete it within the deadlines.

Do I need to go to the MiraCosta Campus or can I take the course completely from home?

You don't need to come to the MiraCosta campus but there will be a mid-term written exam and a final written exam that students are required to complete at a Proctoring Center (the corresponding oral components can be taken in Skype). If you plan on using the MiraCosta Proctoring Center, reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you need to use another Proctoring Center, be sure to know the procedure because MiraCosta has to approve it before you can use it. While the use of MiraCosta's Proctoring Center is free, other Proctoring Center can require you to pay a fee.

Can online students ask questions and/or contact the instructor?

Yes, you can contact me by e-mail or during the office hours dedicated to this class, in Collaborate in Blackboard. I am also available live in chat when I am at the computer or we can set up an appointment and meet in Skype.


Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Issues

Can I take this course with the computer I have?

Please check out this page to see what the minimum technical requirements are for taking an online class. Remember that all language students at  MiraCosta can use the computer in the Language Labs, where you can also find personnel that can help you and tutor you in the language you are studying.

Where can I find downloads about the most common browser if I need it?

Here. My experience tells me that Firefox is the browser that works best with Blackboard, but sometimes, if something does not work, try with Explorer too before giving up.

Who can I contact if I need technical support?

You can access the Student Help Desk at MiraCosta. They are great and they can solve many problems you can have.

Frequently Asked Questions - Grades

How am I going to be graded in this course?

Several components will contribute to your final grade for this course. Check here for a detailed explanation.

Do I have to go to the language laboratory at the College to complete my lab assignments?

No. All your lab assignments will be completed online.