On the Register of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia

Consecrated 1st December 2007

Historical Roots

In 1891 twenty Italian Brethren led by W.Bro. Harry Passmore
petitioned the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales to form a new Lodge,
to be called Lodge La Stella d`Italia

The petition was approved and the new Lodge first met in September 1891.

During the early years of the Lodge, it was customary to obligate Italian candidates in Italian, whilst English-speaking candidates
were obligated in English.

Gradually, the number of native English speaking Brethren increased.

In 1904 the Lodge made application to Grand Lodge for the name of the Lodge to be changed to Lodge The Star of Australia.

The request was granted and became effective in May 1904.

Following the change of name, all candidates joining the Lodge were obligated in English.

Modern Times

The first Australian Lodge specifically for Masons interested in Italian life and culture was established in Melbourne in 1986 under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, it was named Garibaldi Lodge No.890

The second lodge was called Lodge Galileo No.1019 and was established in Sydney under the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the A.C.T. in 1996.

South Australia followed in 1997 with the formation of Leonardo da Vinci No. 238.

In December 2007 Italia Lodge No. 367 was established in Perth under the Grand Lodge of Western Australia.

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Perth: . . . . . . Italia Lodge
. . . meets on the third Tuesday at the South Perth Masonic Hall.
(except Jan, Apr, Nov, Dec. ------- Installation July) ... All Visitors admitted at 5.45pm

Melbourne: ........ 1st Mondays - Garibaldi Lodge No. 890 (Installation: April)
Sydney: ............... 2nd Mondays - Lodge Galileo No. 1019 (Installation: October)
Adelaide: ............. 3rd Thursdays (except Dec) - Leonardo da Vinci Lodge No. 238 (Installation: November)

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